Friday, July 16, 2010

Island Time

Hilton Head Island has been a part of my summer for as long as I can remember.

My family began hanging out down there sometime around 1976 when there wasn't really anything to DO on the island.  Except enjoy the sand & salt water. 

And browse through the little boat-shaped gift shop for three hours waiting to eat dinner at Hudson's.  We used to stay at the Sea Crest, a little motel with screened porches attached to every room so you could fall asleep with an ocean breeze and the sound of the surf just outside. The Sea Crest was torn down several years ago and a condo was built in it's place. 

My sister (left) and I sitting on the railing at the Sea Crest probably about ages 7 & 10.

Sometimes, we headed over to Harbor Town, sat under the big oak tree and listened to Gregg Russell and climbed up to the top of the light house.

When my oldest babies were small, we took them to do the same things.  (They used to sing "Is That a Booger in the Sugar"  and "Bubble, Bubble, Bubble Gum" all the way home in the car!  Some things about HHI never change.  Kids still make signs trying to get Gregg Russell's attention so they can go up on stage and tell a joke or sing a song.  People still walk over to Coligny Plaza in their bathing suits and flip flops for an ice cream or a souvenier. 

Todd (4), me (20-something), and Heather (not quite a year!) building a sand castle, 1994.

Babies still snooze by the ocean (although now they do it in fancy baby tents with UV protection.)

Heather 1994

Ryan 1998

Moms & Dads still walk down the beach pushing strollers with tiny feet sticking out. 

Ryan & Zachary 1998

Boys still pose and show their guns, trying to attract attention from cute girls.

Ryan 2003

Kids take surfing lessons, ride boogie boards, splach through the water jumping waves and wear themselves completely out having fun in the sun.

Heather 2007

Guys go fishing and bring back flounder and tall tales about the 7 foot shark that got away.

Todd 2003

And just sitting in a chair under the umbrella with a good book (or people-watching) is sometimes the best way to pass the day. 

Zach & GF 2010


Hezra said...

ahhh. love it! looks like heaven on earth. I love that you have so many pictures from ONE place (yes, I am aware btw that these are only a drop in the bucket. lol)and spanning decades. too cool!

a Tonggu Momma said...

*sniff, sniff* I love Hilton Head! Did you stop by Beaufort at all? I miss Hemingway's and Steamers. I don't know if those restaurants are still any good or even around, but they were faves when we lived there.