Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beach 2010

Summer time in South Carolina means only ONE thing. 

At least it only means one thing in THIS house.

And that thing is:  BEACH.

Escape the hazy heat for a little while in July.  Leave behind the freshly mowed yard, the mosquitoes and grilled burgers, afternoons spent in the warm swimming pool and evenings sacked out on the couch with a house full of kids and some movies and ice cream...

And replace it with warm breezes, salt water, fireworks, sandy bathing suits, sand dollars, hermit crabs, sunscreen, windblown hair, a crowded condo, delicious dinners around the table together and chocolate muffins for breakfast.

We LOVE the beach. 

Especially Hilton Head Island. 

This year we spent Fourth of July week spread out in two condos.  Friends came down to visit.  There was fishing, crabbing, wave-riding, body surfing, ghost-crab-hunting, midnight walks on the sand, early morning bike rides (not by me!), trips to Wild Wings, Five Guys and the Cupcake place. 

We had a grand total of eight adults and fifteen children for July 4th.  Four men, four women, two twenty-year old guys, four teen girls, three teen boys, and six boys under the age of thirteen. 

Vacation was over way too fast. 

I'll share more this week. 

But for now...

Have a look at a few of our Favorite Photos. 

Or uh...not. 

Here's what happens when you DON'T let your mom apply your sunscreen because, you know, you're 20 and all and you think you're too grown for help from your mommy.

OK, OK, so actually he was standing down-wind as the girls were spraying that aerosol sunscreen and it sort of left him looking like a Speckled Cracker. 

Like this:

See?  Speckled Cracker.  They could be son and the cracker. 

Here's our son, future member of Hilton Head PD.  Or star of the remake of CHiPS.  He picked those sunglasses out all by his little fashion-backward self.  Isn't he handsome??

And now...a photo of one of the many Happy Children we brought along for the week's enjoyment.

And yet another Happy Child:

Here are the Grandparents.  My mother was allowed special privileges out of the nut house for the week.

There was this one tiny family...Darling Daughter caught them on film.

Here we are...almost all of the crazies together before the fireworks.  Take a look at our Oldest Son...second from left on the second row from the back.  Is it just me or don't those sunglasses make him look like he has eyes like a Yellow Jacket??  Freaky. 

Oh, and no, that isn't a ghost there in the middle wearing a blue blouse.  That's Darling Daughter's best friend.  And believe it or not the girl actually has TAN LINES!  I'm not even kidding.  Yes, it is possible to be even whiter than she appears in this photo!


mendyc said...

sheesh couldn't you post pics of my kids smiling? :P They weren't miserable the WHOLE time! And quit picking on Casper! I like her! :P

The Source said...

Because my kids don't look so cute when they pout any more. The adorable-ness wears off somewhere around age 15 or so.

Casper really did have a tan line, though! I'm not even kidding! She made it all the way from "Milk" to "White Bread...Untoasted!"