Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Send them back? Or let them stay?

What's your opinion on this story about a French family who may be deported back to their home country because their seven year old daughter has Cerebral Palsy.

A few facts: 

The family apparently disclosed their daughter's condition when they originally applied for visas (are they visas in Canada?)  to move to Montreal to establish a business.

They've lived in Canada since 2005 and run a successful computer software business.

The Canadian government denied them permanent citizenship because the cost of their child's health care would be an excessive burden on their taxpayers. 

Do you think they should be allowed to remain in Canada?  Granted permanent status?  Sent back to France?  Would it make a difference whether or not they could afford to cover their child's extra medical expenses?  Would it make a difference if they're supporting their family or depending on government assistance?  Would it matter if they're already in the country legally or illegally?

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