Monday, June 14, 2010

Missing my peeps

It's way too quiet around my house this week! 
My hubby is gone.

My baby girl is gone.

My oldest is always busy.

My twins have each other.

I'm a lonely old lady. 

Guess I'll go lay in the pool all by myself and soak up some sun.
Or not.  It's about 103 degrees today.

I'll just post these lovely shots of Darling Daughter and I on her last day as a 16 yr old. 

We're practicing for our next beauty pageant.  (NOT!)

These are our "Toddlers and Tiaras" faces. 

Think we could win a crown?

I'm thinking Ultimate Grand Supreme Best T-Shirt and Shorts?

Well, maybe not me in my Mom Shorts, but maybe DD in her plaid.

Here we are working our "Wow Wear" routine! 

Excuse the poor lighting and blurry photos, please.  My twins stink at photography.  They can't hold the camera still and press the button at the same time.  Apparently that takes way too much concentration for their preteen boy brains to handle. 

She loves her mommy.  She really does.  Even though she's rolling her eyes.  She's just doing that because she's never going to be as tall as me and she knows it. 

Poor Lucy is distraught over her Daddy's absence.  She wouldn't even smile for the camera. 

She'll perk up with a dip in the pool and some left-over hush puppies, though. 

It's so easy to get a dog out of a depression! 


Hezra said...

well, a nap and a tad bit o chocolate can get me momentarily out of a funk. Maybe I am too doglike in my behavior. Anyway really sorry you are lonely. wish you lived nearby... lol, cause me and MY five kids could visit you and your almost empty house and you would not be lonely. lolol
yep I have one boy 13 who cannot take the picture without blur, but the 10 yo boy is great at photography. odd but a gift obviously. and you and your dd look adorable.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Umm... you feed your puppy hush puppies?!?! I mean, I know they aren't technically made of puppies, but... doesn't that just seem WRONG somehow?