Friday, June 11, 2010

Darling Daughter ~

H ~ high-spirited, happy, honest, humble, helpful, hardworking
E ~ energetic, effervescent, eager, effusive, encouraging
A ~ amazingly active and adept; also an airhead
T ~ talkative, teasing, trustworthy, tumultuous
H ~ headstrong, humorous, heartwarming, hilarious
E ~  earnest, ear-splitting, edgy, enthusiastic, expeditious
R ~ radiant, real, rare, random, resourceful, responsible

Seventeen years ago on Saturday, June 12, we were ecstatic when the doctor handed us our second child...and our only little girl.

Now that baby girl is a high school COLLEGE in August while still in high school...and once again, she will NOT be home on her actual birthday. 
She'll be gone on another trip with World Changers. 

So tomorrow morning I'll be waking up at 4:30 AM to make her some waffles, wish her a wonderful birthday, load her onto a bus to Alabama, and give her an humongous hug! 

And lots of kisses!

Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet girl! 

I love you!
Be safe! 


Chelsea Gour said...

Happy Birthday to Heather! Your mom is the best.....'cause I would not be making you waffles at 4:30!

Hezra said...

Awwww, such a pretty girl. Happy Birthday Heather! Hope it is your best ever. (and so glad they let you live past that "inciDENT") I must say, you DO have the best mom, because I would get up with you at 4:30, but I would hand you a granola bar and soda and kiss you goodbye. lol NOT make waffles.