Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pip's Prom Date

So the Child Formerly Known as Pip Squeak chose not to flee to his grandmother's house for Prom weekend (like his twin did) and instead decided to hang out here with Darling Daughter and her bunch of Prom Princesses and their dates. 

Gee...I wonder why? 

Cause he likes pretty girls, maybe? 

Or because he enjoys getting lots of attention from the older crowd?

Or because he knew we would have tons of food, cupcakes, muffins, sweets, treats and CANDY?

Or because he knew we wouldn't care if he stayed up all  night long partying?

Or all of the above. some point during the night, the kids removed the vest and tie from DD's date and dressed up her baby brother.  Then her best buddy Mini-Meg donned Darling Daughter's prom dress...which didn't quite fit because...yeah, MINI-Meg.  A tiny little thing.  So she stuffed plastic cups in the bodice and voila!

The Prom King & Queen of the evening:

Aren't they charming?

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Hezra said...

cups. why didn't I ever think of that? lolol yes, I have a boy about to turn 13... he seems to be entrhalled more and more with hanging around girls of any age really. Scares me just a little. Your prom Pip is pretty good lookin'! All dressed up and no where to go, but he doesn't seem to mind at all. lol