Sunday, May 30, 2010

On my mind...

Things that baffle me about Star Wars: 

  1. Why would you have your droid riding on the OUTSIDE of your spaceship during battle where he can get blasted?  Wouldn't he be safer in the cockpit?
  2. What kind of hairspray does Chewbacca use?  He runs all over space, shooting up stormtroopers and never a hair out of place.  And he's got plenty of hair!
  3. And speaking of does Princess Leia keep those doughnuts on her ears from getting messy while she's hanging from Luke's belt while they swing on the grappling cable?
  4. And since I'm on the subject of Leia did she keep her lipstick fresh for days?  Did she have a secret pocket in her white dress for her make-up?
  5. And why does her accent keep changing back & forth from regular to British? 
  6. Also, where did the Rebels find a fighter pilot with a Southern accent?  In the Alabama galaxy?
  7. Why didn't Chewie get a medal at the end like Luke and Han??  He did just as much to help the Rebels blow up the Death Star. To exclude him from the recognition just reeks of discrimination against Wookies. 
  8. How can I get my Tahoe to sound like Darth Vader's fighter ship?  I'd love to drive down the interstate sounding that cool! 
  9. If Star Wars took place a long time ago, why don't we have cars that can hover above ground now?  Was something wrong with their technology?  Or does that only work on galaxies that are far, far away?  Because a floating car that sounds like a space ship?  That would be even cooler!
  10. Did they have an Old Navy in space back then?  Because Leia's puffy white vest in Empire Strikes Back sure looks like the one my daughter wore in 2009.  Well, minus the furry collar.
  11. How do the droids function in the freezing cold igloo bases on the frozen planet?? Why don't they freeze up?
  12. Would holding your hand over C3PO's mouth REALLY shut him up?  He doesn't have any lips!!  Wouldn't he still make noise?  Holding your hand over the stereo speakers doesn't make them quiet.  Is there a mute button by his mouth that I'm not seeing?
To be updated as I sit here watching the movies...unless my hubby grabs the remote and makes me watch the news.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Didn't you listen to Princess Leia? Chewbacca doesn't have hair... he's a walking carpet.

(I had short hair even when I was younger. So... *blush*... when I wanted to dress up as Princess Leia, I popped on my handy-dandy brown ear muffs.)

Hezra said...

soooo loving the brown ear muffs.... lol I was a strawberry blonde sooo, I am not sure I could have gotten ear muffs to match but it was my lifes dream at one point to BE princess leia. lol these days it is cinderella and snow white etc. We didnt have disney princesses. lol