Thursday, May 27, 2010

My twins

Do they HAVE to become teenagers this summer?
Or couldn't they just stay babies for a few more years?

They looked a lot more alike 12 years ago than they do now.
Can you figure out which is which?


Brianna said...

Although I really have no idea, I would guess that the one on the right is Pip Squeak, and the one on the left would then of course be... the other twin, whose code name I have suddenly forgotten. (Hey, at least I remember his real name - that's got to count for something) :D

The Source said...

Brianna!! Hey, girl! How have you been...and are you still graduating this year?? Please let me know! We miss you...

Yes, you got it right. That's Pip on the right. And I imagine you remember the other one's real name's your last name?? LOL