Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day didn't turn out exactly as planned, but it was wonderful anyway.

First of all, we were supposed to go to church.  Ooops.  Well, we didn't quite make it. 
Well, my sweet hubby, my only daughter, and my twins decided to make breakfast for me...and serve it to me in bed!  Which was an extra special treat because my hubby can cook some food!  Yummy! 
And yes, I did eat ALL of that food.  Well, most of it. 
The kids helped me eat the oranges, blueberries and melon. 
Look at my heart-shaped pancake!

(And somebody knocked the orange juice over onto my bedside table, but I'm not saying who.)

After breakfast, Darling Daughter and I curled up on pillows in my bed and watched Father of the Bride together, during which she declared that she is NEVER going to get married since she couldn't stand it if her daddy gave her away.  And also because she doesn't want to move out.  Ever. 

Something tells me she'll change her mind one of these days!

When the movie was over, she and I put on our bathing suits and headed out to the pool deck to soak up some sun.  I know.  It was stressful, but that's life! 

While us girls worked on our tans, the hubby worked on his new project.  Some weird contraption that fits in your pocket and you can take it with you to cook on in case you're out in the wilderness without a Zaxby's nearby.  He's always thinking up ways to avoid total starvation just on the off chance there's a large-scale food shortage or a major catastrophe.  It's nice to be prepared. 

Also, the Oldest boy came home from his weekend redneck adventures at the NASCAR races in Darlington.

Wait....did I just say that? 

Yep.  He went to Darlington.  To camp.  On a racetrack.  And sit with 50,000 drunks in crowded stands to watch overpaid men drive in circles at high rates of speed.  Sounds like an experience I hope I never have. 

But it was nice to have him home!

After getting nice and crispy, we headed over to my mom's for homemade ice cream. 
SOOoooooOOOO delicious! 

Family photo:

Mother-Daughter photo:

Another Mother-Daughter photo:

And then...we went to visit the Hubby's mom and dad. 
She and I sat out on the screened porch with Darling Daughter and talked for a couple of hours.  My girl wasn't feeling well, so she climbed on the ottoman beside her Granna's chair, put her head in her lap and fell asleep while her grandmother stroked her curly hair. 
Nice to have a grandma to snuggle with when you're sick. 

The menfolk went down to the dock and fished. 
Only one boy got stuck with a hook, so all-in-all it went quite well. 

Today, it's back to normal.  I'm being REALLY mean and making the twins take a humongous math test so I can see where we stand for next year.  I'm hoping they score like I thought they would because I've already ordered their math would help matters greatly if it's actually the program they need.  :) 

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