Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drive-up Dingbats

"Welcome to McDonald's, would you like to try an Angus Third Pounder today?" 


"You want four?"

Necesito un helado pequeno y un helado grande por favor.

"I'm sorry...could you repeat that, please?"

No, no repetire mis palabras!

"Ummm, I don't understand you.  Pull around to the window, please."

Quiero comer siete pizzas, por favor.

"Ma'am.  I don't speak your language.  Can you drive up?"

Si, senorita!  (drives to the window to speak with frustrated employee...)

Hola!  Parlez vous Anglais?

"WHAT??"  (employee is giggling by now because she recognizes my fruit-cake daughter and her friend)

Omelette de fromage??

"What size ice cream do you want, girl??"

Grande!  Muy grande, sil vous plait!  Gracias, muchos gracias!  Vamos ahora!

Teenagers are weird!

Just sayin'. 

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