Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Down for the count!

Darling Daughter went into the kitchen for a glass of water before getting ready for school this morning.  "Mom??!  Uh...what happened to the water in the swimming pool?" 

"Why?  What do you mean?  Is it green or something?"

"Nooooo...it's not THERE!"

Oh.  Well, alrighty then.  Where did it go?  Out the door to investigate...

Apparently the Hubby did not screw the cap back onto the filter thingie last night after backwashing it??  Because water gushed out from it like a geyser. 

Old Faithful in our back yard.

Squishy grass standing in about 1/2 inch of water.  Soggy mulch.  Lucky neighbors got their garden watered for free all.  night.  long. 

Wonder if I should call them and let them know they may be needing a snorkel to get to their car this morning? 

The Hubby is bound to be absolutely thrilled about this once he wakes up from the night shift.  I'm sure he'll think of a way that it wasn't his fault...one of the kids did it.  If you don't believe me, just wait and see. 

And in other exciting news:

You know that little form the government wants us to fill out and return by mail?  The one that's supposed to count everyone?  Yeah, the census. 

Well, I dutifully checked the appropriate boxes, (I swear I didn't even listen to my husband when he suggested I write in "human" or "Irish-Scottish-German-American" or any of his other interesting ideas.  I did it right.  Even though all they're supposed to be entitled to is the number of people living in your home...right?)

Anyway, I stuffed my census into it's little envelope and put it right back into the mail box...all on the very same day it had arrived.  Way back in March or something.  So long ago that I haven't even thought of it again since.

Until the couple from the "Official People Counters" rang our doorbell yesterday. 

They showed up in a truck with a little sign in the window stating that they were "Official People Counters."  With ID badges that had handwritten names, no pictures and no typed names or anything.  Seriously?  The twins could have recreated such ID badges on my laptop in ten minutes.

The female proceeded to inform my hubby that we hadn't mailed our census back because if we had then our address wouldn't have been on their list.  (Like, you know, the government would never lose anything OR waste money sending people out to poke their noses in a fair citizen's business whether they obeyed the rules or not.)  She began asking him the questions, one by one.

Hubby told her that he wasn't going to answer her.  Because, well, we MAILED our stupid form like we were supposed to.  

She kept talking, of course.

The male "Official People Counter" got out of the truck at that point and approached our porch, puffing away on a cigarette and saying "Dude!  It's ok, dude, man we're just doing our job!" 

Dude??  Man?? 

Hubby politely told him not to come to the door blowing smoke.  So the guy went to toss it in the yard!  I don't think so.  Who trains these people?

Oh, right.  The government, I guess. 

They MIGHT have gotten a little farther with some sort of proper identification and a few manners.  As it stands, Hubby nicely but firmly shut the door in their faces.  I'm sure they'll be back.  I've heard many stories from friends about how many times they'll knock on doors and how persistent they're told to be. 

But...I mailed our form.  If they want it...they can go FIND it.  All they're entitled to is the NUMBER of people living here...right??  I may post a big "6" on the door...just to be nice.  Maybe.  Or borrow the Oldest's new puppy (she's a menacing 60 pound monster) and chain her to the porch railing.  Likes to growl. 

I know they're just doing the job they're paid to do, and at least they're WORKING, right?  But I DID my part and I did it on time and correctly.  Someone should have to go look for my form. 


Hezra said...

oh no! I did my part too, but on my calle ID every day for weeksthere is a call from "the C*nsus Bureau" great. They better NOT come to my house. Ya know the number cards stores give you at the dressing room?? Maybe THAT would be a better way. Everyone post your number card on the appropriate day. My I just say, those two sounded horribly unprofressional? oh. dude, sorry about your pool. Man that stinks. lol... sorry couldnt resist...

a Tonggu Momma said...

Our local census people are irking all of us, too. Because they gather at the local coffee shop to discuss and compare, spreading their papers around across two tables and chatting for HOURS.