Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Battle Scars

So, I'm officially changing a bloggie nickname here on The Source. 

From now on, there will no longer be a Pip Squeak. 

Because an almost 13 year old boy who can bust his eye wide open, NOT wake his family up, deal with the bloody mess on his own, bleed ALL night long and THEN endure 5 stitches without his mommy in the room holding his hand....doesn't deserve to be called a Pip Squeak!

(And AFTER it had been cleaned up!)

After the plastic surgeon reopened the wound that had JUST closed (13 hours later when we were finally seen) then cleaned it out and sewed it back up.  Ugh! 

Not a tear shed. 

Not a whimper or a whine.

Need a new name here. 

Got any ideas??


Hezra said...

our 10 yo was named mountain man today after an injury with a knife and "whittling" a bow and arrow project. He was so calm when he said, mom I cut myself and am bleeding pretty bad.... It probably needs a stitch or two but it is a finger not a face. So right now it is just bandaged pretty tightly. Hmm, what to call YOUR wounded soldier... I may have to think on that. Geez. That looks awful! Poor kid! oooh, "scarface??" maybe that is too tough?? hope tonight goes better and that he isnt hurting too badly. And I hope you can breathe? I would still be hyperventilating! and um, I would so be velcroing him in bed tonight. lol or make him sleep in a bike helmet?

Teresa =) said...

Definitely NOT a Pip Squeak anymore. about Super Stud? Or Schleprock?? (That's what my husband calls me...remember him, from The Flintstones?? Always having bad luck. I digress...)

Curious how he did this in the middle of the night...hope he knows how lucky he was not to get his actual EYE in the injury!!

Teresa =)

The Source said...

Hezra ~ His sister says we should call him "Stitch." :)

Teresa ~ He actually fell out of his bed and whacked his face on the corner of the nightstand...hard enough to knock a little of the finish off the wood. I'm not sure how he managed to avoid breaking bones or damaging his eyeball. Needless to say, the nightstand has been moved about 4 feet away!

Hezra said...

Stitch. Hah! she is funny. Sheesh who knew nightstands could be so dangerous!? Seriously, work with me on this idea... industrial strength velcro pjs that stick to the flannel sheets... lol I will work out the design. But if it works on MY three boys, you HAVE to buy some. lol
poor kid. Our #4 got stitches his first week of walking and it looked that bad! 12 mos old and looking awful. The worst part was we were doing our home study to get his new baby sister that same week. lol and picked her up days later. Him with a giant bandaid on his eyebrow. Nothing says "I can handle a new baby" like that.