Friday, April 30, 2010

Would you like whine with that?

Maybe I'm a few days behind on this, but I just heard this morning that Santa Clara County in California has banned restaurants from sticking a cheap toy into a Happy Meal. 

This isn't an issue for me. For one thing, my children are beyond the age where they care about a plastic Shrek figure.  I guess I'm somewhat of a mean mom in the first place because once our family grew from two kids to four I quit buying kid's meals.  It wasn't economical, and the kids were always arguing over who got the best prize with their fries. Or who got more chicken nuggets in their cardboard box.  Or who got more ketchup.  Or who wanted to trade with their sibling but he said "NO!" and I don't want this yucky hamburger any more, I really wanted what he has and waaaahhhh!

If we went to a drive thru, I bought off the dollar menu, and the kids didn't get to pick.  They ate what I ordered or they starved until we got home. 

I swear this strategy saved my sanity on more than one occasion!

Looking back (and especially after reading this ) I have to wonder why in the world I was feeding them that garbage in the first place.  But live & learn, I suppose.  As a frazzled mom with four active kids, if it was in any way edible and I didn't have to prepare it, it was fine with me!

So why did the county decide to ban fast food with toys in the first place?  Supposedly, the lure of a 30 cent piece of junk is so intense that it's pulling kids in and tricking them into desiring fatty foods. 

Baloney!  Kids like McDonald's because McDonald's tastes good.  If you stuck a toy in a colorful box with some cauliflower spears, tofu and chick peas, I guarantee you that most kids would definitely NOT be begging for a Happy Meal. 

OK, maybe Chelsea's kids would.  I mean, the poor babies think Oreos are made with hummus and whole wheat crackers. 

I'm sure there are children out there who are inclined to pitch fits and scream over the latest movie-related toy they want with their lunch.  That's NOT the fault of the hamburger industry. 

I think the more important issue with the BANNING OF THE TOYS is that it shouldn't be the government's place to decide what, when, where or how we supply our children with food or objects to leave in the floor for mom to trip over.  How dare they decide to BAN something so frivolous as a toy? Why have people allowed this to happen??  What's next?

These miniature people are mine.  They belong to me.  It's my responsibility to raise them in the best manner I see fit.  If I take reasonable and concern in their upbringing, then the government...state, local, federal or whatever...has NO right to tell me whether they should play outside three times a week, stay up past 9:00, watch 30 hours of television, pick their noses or brush their teeth twice a day. No one else should make the decision to buy them a box full of processed food...with or without a toy...except me! 

And possibly their grandma.

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Teresa =) said...

Reminds me of the Burgermeister Meisterburger in "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"...making toys illegal.

What IS this world coming to???

Teresa =)