Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So...Whatcha think?

Here's the house on February 12...ahh...look at the lovely SNOW all over the place! 
Isn't it the prettiest thing you've ever seen?? 
All fluffy, white, and soft-looking...like a winter wonderland...I KNOW!  I love it! 

But I was hoping for your opinion on the front door situation.

So, here is the front door...in an off-whitish shade. 

Somewhat boring, wouldn't you say?
I would.
Also...somewhat dirty. 
Because it hadn't been painted in oh, say 10 or 11 years.

And here is the front door slathered in 4 coats of "roasted tomato" red. 
Accessorized with bright, spring-timey green grass! 
Oh...and a bass boat in the middle of an overhaul.
Please excuse the bass boat IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRONT YARD!

I would lie to you and say it's only been there for a few hours, but sadly...no.
It's been parked there for weeks.
Because the hubby is in the process of having the seats and floors recovered and apparently that can't be taken care of in the back yard OR in the driveway. 

So...overlook the boat, please, and tell me what you think of the front of the house now??

Flowers are poking through and should be blooming along the right front soon.  And I need some kind of plant by the door.  I think.  Ideas welcome...


Hezra said...

see?? i told you lots of coats and dry time would make the difference!! It looks great, and yes I can totally overlook the boat. I have those things too. just not a boat. but other stuff. Your door is I think the same shade as my door, my mailbox, my floor in my living room, and the lower half of the walls in my family room. I might need to stop.

Teresa =) said...

I think the red door is a HUGE improvement...really makes the house "pop" from the curb.

And the bass boat doesn't hurt either...

Teresa =)

mendyc said...

I like it! How many animals did you have to kill? lol

a Tonggu Momma said...

I am completely partial to a red door. At first, I thought you were asking for suggestions and I was gonna shout out "red, red, RED!" Now I'm glad I didn't have to. And I can simply say, "love it!"

As for the boat? At least it isn't a septic tank. Seriously - some friends of ours had a septic tank on their front lawn for at least two months. Talk about embarrassing. (Do you know how HUGE those things are?)