Thursday, April 8, 2010

She's no saleswoman, but she plays one on tv...

Darling Daughter and Mini-Meg, her partner in crime this week, spent the day on the town Tuesday.  The girls bowled, ate Mexican, went to the park, visited friends, bought oreos and peanut butter, watched movies, drove all over creation and eventually ended up at the mall where another buddy works. 

This particular buddy happens to be a male college student who sells tractors and lawn equipment for Sea_s.  He earns a commission when he makes a sale.  Undoubtedly, this means that it's of no financial benefit to him to have two girls hanging out giggling, flirting, and cutting up while he's supposed to be helping customers.  At the time though, the boy was slightly busy, and Darling Daughter is nothing if not outgoing and helpful! 

Darling Daughter observed a couple checking out some riding lawn mowers and noted that her friend was busy.  So, she went over to the couple and proceded to enlighten them on the attributes of the particular model they were looking at.  And then she showed them the more expensive model right next to it.  She yakked and yakked about turn radius, gears, bagging and mulch.  On and on she went.  She convinced them to purchase one.

Finally, the gentleman asked, "Do we need you to ring up our purchase or do we just go to the register?" 

"OH no, I don't actually work here!" she told him.  "In fact, I've never even cut grass before in my life.  My daddy won't even let me TOUCH our lawn mower, much less DRIVE one!  I do a pretty good job at selling them, though, don't I?"

The poor puzzled man looked at her a little oddly, and he laughed a bit...but he did buy the mower.


Hezra said...

oh my gosh!! laughing so hard here. um, my daddy wont even let me touch our lawn mower. hee hee but I can sell 'em! you go DD!

mendyc said...

LOL! Did she get the commission?