Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday Science Stuff...

Saturday afternoon the twins yelled, "SHOTGUN!" raced each other to the garage, pushed and shoved until one of them made it into the front passenger seat, slammed the door, stuck out his tongue and held the lock button down so his sister couldn't drag him out of her designated spot   my children politely filed out to the Tahoe and buckled themselves into their seats, then talked quietly amongst themselves as I drove them to the local University for another educational science experience. 

Yeah, right. 

Well, we did go to the college for some kind of Earth Day related science thingie.  It was supposed to include a chance for the kids to look at amazing celestial bodies through the astonomy department's humongous telescope. Unfortunately, Saturday evening was extremely overcast and it was lightly raining. 

Not that it would have mattered anyway.  Because the telescope was broken.  It had been sent out for repairs, but hadn't made it back to the school in time for the big night.  Bummer.

There were, however, other activities to keep them occuppied for a little while on an otherwise yucky day.

For instance, the Periodic Table on the wall:

I totally WANT one of these!  How cool would it look in my kitchen?  I think it would make chemistry lots easier to comprehend, don't you??  That's a box of Mentadent toothpaste in the Flourine box! I wonder if I can talk my newly-turned-carpenter husband into building me one??

OK, Darling Daughter and I have decided we'd like to move to Mercury because we'd weigh about 80 pounds less.  Plus, we'd have some awesome tans! 
 On the other hand, Quatro wants to live on Jupiter...he'd love to have 300 pounds of muscle!

That would be a corn snake.  Yes, it's alive.  Yes, it was slithering around on the table.  Yes, the kids got to hold it and let it wrap around their arms.  And no, I didn't have a turn.  Adults weren't allowed.  Hey!  This was a kids' thing.  Can't be having the grown-ups hog the snakes, now, can we??

That little baby gator was fairly docile.  It didn't seem to mind all the children petting it.  Or Darling Daughter contemplating how beautiful it would look as a purse.  (JUST KIDDING!) Probably it's been passed around quite a bit for field trips and such.  It's teeth were like NEEDLES!  The brother to this one was over in an aquarium swimming around.  He was much bigger and meaner and he didn't seem to take kindly to humans gawking at him!  Every time my babies went near, he hissed at them! 

We had been walking the Brick Ponds (at a nearby park) for the past couple of weeks in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the gator who's supposed to be hanging out there.  Every single time we went, folks would pass by telling us they'd JUST encountered it and pointing out where to look.  Of course, no such luck for us.  We still haven't seen it.  So the boys were thrilled to get to meet a few up close and personal.

But that was NOTHING compared to what Dad had in store when we made it home! 

Take a look at what some people caught in the vicinity while we were at the college:

That backhoe shovel is 8 feet the gator?  Probably around 11 feet. 
I'm not saying where it was...but it tried to walk into a place full of people. 
It also attacked and tried to EAT the backhoe when the animal resource guys came to move it to a safer place.  It lost a few teeth in the process.  A few really LARGE teeth! 

A few large teeth which I totally did NOT handle without gloves!  Because who knows what sort of rotten stuff that creature's been eating.  And as you know, Billy the Exterminator says that the most dangerous thing about an alligator bite is the bacteria!

That's one of my children's baby teeth in the middle for comparison.  The Tooth Fairy was kind enough to bring it by and let me borrow it for this photo. 

I don't know what became of the gator.  I heard that any alligator over 6 feet has to be destroyed, but I don't know if thats true or why it would be.  I was assuming that it would be taken to the river and let go? 

Oh!  And before I forget, we were given a few trees (loblolly pines and oaks, as if we didn't have enough pine trees already in SC, but thanks anyway) and a bird house to build, and some seeds to plant in our garden.  And a really cool program for the computer called Starry Night that lets you do all sorts of things like look at the moon and stars from the night you were born...or 3045 BC. 

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