Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pass On Over...

Today I got a brilliant idea!  I decided to paint the front doors.  Or actually, we had decided to do that a while back and just never got around to it.  I'm an expert at procrastination. 


Hubby and I went to the big old home improvement chain store this afternoon...after he WOKE me up on the only morning of Spring Break that I could have SLEPT LATE! ...and we went to the home improvement mega-store, the one where our oldest son works 38 "part-time" hours a week while he goes to college full time because apparently 39 hours a week isn't considered full-time if you're a college student, only if you're over fifty and have a family to support. 

We picked out a shade called "roasted tomato." 

What color would you assume that "roasted tomato" should be?

No, not green.  RIPE tomatoes!  Ripe. 


Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

And it WAS red.  In the can. 

On the doors??

Well, it sort of looked hot pink while I was slathering it on.

Then it kind of looked like someone had slaughtered a passover lamb and drained it's blood over the doors.  Very gross.  Very streaky.  Very bloody. 


The neighbors rode by, slowed down, gave me an odd look, but they didn't roll down their windows and say anything. 

They know me by now. 

Maybe it will dry darker.  Paint's supposed to dry darker, right??


Hezra said...

where is a picture!!!???? Well, give it a little time. I had this happen with my hall. I wanted it the toffee crunch color(muted pale yellow, but it ended up looking peach at first. But over time and days it turned to the right color. Oh, and the few coats makes a BIG difference too. Doing my livingroom,concrete floor "tile red" right now. love it!

Tammy said...

Well, how does it look now?! :-) I am dying to know.