Friday, April 16, 2010

Four is Fantastic!

At four years old it's important to show everyone how fast you can run in your Lightning McQueen shoes.
Going to the park to hunt for wooden alligators and stomp on them is incredibly exciting!

At four years old you really believe it when your cousin tells you all the turtles in the pond swam over just to say "hi" to you because they heard you could sing "Where is Thumbkin?"
You don't realize that the reason your cousin keeps making you sing that song over and over is because you sing "Where is DUMPkin?" and it's too darn cute.

At four years old, you laugh yourself silly chasing the ducks back into the pond.
And you laugh even harder when the biggest duck turns around and chases YOU!

At four, you're adventurous enough to try the sourest popsicle in the world!
And you don't care that your aunt takes pictures of your face turning wrong-side-out.

At four, you'll eat three more bites of your sandwich as long as there's a lollipop bribe involved.

At four years old you actually WANT to help clean out the swimming pool. 
And eat blue ice cream just because it's blue.
And play air-guitar in the middle of iHop.
And water all the flowers in the garden.  And pick them, too.
And pet the neighbor's dog who's taller than you.
And lay on the floor and play with one plastic fire truck for an hour, making voices for imaginary firemen.

At four you believe it when your cousin tells you that the building with the towers is really a castle.
And that a king and queen live inside.
With dragons and swords and magic things.

At four, it's fun to pee on a tree stump in the woods.
And sit on a bridge counting ducklings and fish.
And run up and down over mounds of dirt.
And thrown rocks into the pond to watch them splash.
And find treaures to stick in your pockets to show Mommy later. 
Important treaures like rocks and dirt clods and duck feathers.

While I won't be ready for grandchildren for another ten years,
I'm glad there's a small nephew I can borrow sometimes. 
It's a blessing to see things through a little one's eyes again.
When your own babies are bigger, you forget how precious four is!

Because four is a magical age. 
Every day is an adventure, and the world is full of promise!
Thanks for hanging out with us yesterday, Dyl! 
We sure do love you.


mendyc said...

awwww he had a blast!

a Tonggu Momma said...

As a former preschool teacher... so, SO true. Especially the peeing on the stump part.