Friday, April 2, 2010

The Dingbat Diaries, vol. 8

I know that our daughter is intelligent.
I'm quite sure she is.
When she was little, she tested too high to enter the local public school's 4-K program because she could sit in a chair, hold a crayon, and breathe all at the same time!
She read very well at a young age. No really, she did. I'm not even bragging! She could read big words, Neopolitan, Parmesan, Episcopal, and Fayetteville. (Never mind that she thought they said Neo-puh-TILL-yan...Peers-men...Eppi-SCOP-ull...and Fatty-ville. So what...she read them!)
She's able to watch someone dive, surf, tumble, ice skate, or do a trick on a bike and she will figure out how to do it all by herself.
She can pretty much do whatever she makes her mind up to do.
She makes good grades. In everything but music. But that's because it's boring. She told me so.
She's in all honors and advanced placement classes.
She only made one mistake on her driver's test and that was on the vision part.
She scored over a thousand on her SAT's when she was in middle school!
Which is why I can't figure out for the life of me how she managed to pull off the score she made on her SAT's as a junior in high school who has spoken English all her life. Maybe she got bored and decided to do little patterns on the scantron sheet instead of bubbling in the right answers?
Obviously she's under way too much stress.
That might explain the response she gave me this morning when I said:
"Hey! How about getting off of facebook and letting me have my laptop for a minute, chick!"
She looked up at me...and...she screwed up her nose in a funny face...and said:
"Quack, quack, lady!"
Clearly, she's a genius who's under too much pressure.
Thank goodness for Spring Break!

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Hezra said...

uh oh, sounds like she is about to crack from the pressure... lol or quack. whatever.