Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This post is about DENSITY. 
And, um, no, it has nothing to do with my daughter and the thickness of her skull.
Although, since we're talking about thick skulls, let me introduce my lab partners for today:

Meet Thing One and Thing Two. 
They're wearing their all important SAFETY GLASSES. 
Well...OK...one of them is wearing his snorkeling mask and the other has on his prescription swim goggles. 
This is a school for free-thinking individuals, here. Eye protection takes on many forms. 

Here we've assembled our...our stuff...I mean our very specific scientific experiment items...and put them on the counter.  In the kitchen  lab. 

For this experiment we will be using: vegetable oil, water, maple syrup, a small rock, a grape, an ice cube and a piece of cork.  Only, we don't have any grapes in the fridge so we will be improvising with a cherry instead.  It'll work.  I know these things.  Because I'm the teacher. 

First, Thing Two (Pip Squeak) will hold the glass still while Thing One (Quatro) pours the oil into it. 
Then, Thing One will pour the water on top of the oil. 
(OK, Thing One had to remove the mask while his brother poured.  He couldn't breathe.  Also, it was fogged up and he couldn't OBSERVE the experiment!  He promised to be careful not to splash any dangerous syrup into his eyes, so it's all good.)

Next, Thing Two will pour the maple syrup on top of everything.  And just LOOK what happens!! 

Hey!  The veggie oil isn't at the bottom any more!
There are three layers! 
Oil on top (because it's atoms are not as tightly packed together so it isn't as dense as the other two liquids.)
Water in the middle (which is denser than the oil.)
Maple syrup on the bottom (all that sugar makes it fat!)

If I had remembered to keep taking pictures, I would show you what happened to the solid items they dropped in next.  Since I forgot to take pics, I'll just have to tell you.
The rock:  sunk to the bottom.
The cherry:  floated on top of the maple syrup.
The ice cube: floated just on top of the water but under the oil. 
The cork: on top of it all...duh!

This experiment was quick, fun and not very messy.  Big plus!  The boys gained a little bit of an understanding of density.  I think. 

OK well, at least they learned that maple syrup is fattening.
I mean, denser than water and vegetable oil.
And they decided that 7th grade science might be fun after all.

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Hezra said...

cool science fun, lol but after you mentioned Density and your DD, I could only think of that line(was it back to the future?) when the guy says "I am your DENSITY!" lol, they look like they were UN UNSCHOOLED today. lol