Saturday, April 10, 2010's in the water down here!

Just so y'all don't get the impression that The Source Family has claims on ALL the crazy people in town, I feel like I should inform you...we aren't the only ones!  This town is full of 'em! 

Crazy people, that is.

Case in point:  my Mother-In-Law's boss lady.  A lovely little old southern lady.  Gracious, full of laughter, sweet as peach cobbler...

And nuttier than a fruit cake!

This past Halloween, Mrs. Vivian (Not her real name because her neighbors would hunt her down, I swear!)  dressed up in an elaborate bunny costume complete with fake fur, big old rabbit ears and a fluffy little tail.  Cause, you know how southern ladies just LOVE children and all.  Yes,  Mrs. Vivian got herself all decked out in the fuzzy bunny costume to display her Halloween spirit of fun and hand out candy to the little ghosts and goblins in her area.

But...on her face she wore a werewolf mask! 

Oh yes, she did! 

And then, Mrs. Vivian went hopping up and down the street with her Halloween bucket full of candy.  When children noticed the adult-sized rabbit hopping around, they would call out to her and run to catch up to her...and then...

Then, she'd turn around with her scary werewolf face and growl at them!

Much shrieking and screaming ensued! 

Eventually, the neighborhood parents caught wind of the were-bunny hopping around frightening small children.  Some of them followed the creature down the street asking its name and trying to find out where it belonged  (or just who exactly this weirdo was.)  Poor Mrs. Vivian, of course she had to keep on hopping right past her house! Cause she couldn't let her neighbors know that SHE was the fruit-cake in the costume hopping around howling at little kids, now could she?  People might have her committed! 

Or not.  They might have just done what my family did when the story of the Howling Halloween Hare was related to us...

Laughed so hard they had to change their britches!

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