Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why didn't HE think of that!

Last night after church the kids were admiring my brand new hot pink Busy Mom's Bible that was sent to me last week from Zondervan. Darling Daughter remarked on how famous I must be, since the publishing company sent the Bible to me to review for this blog...for like free, you naturally I must be almost as important as Pioneer Woman and wonder what we should expect to find in the mailbox next??

That's when Quatro piped up with, "So mean...someone actually sent you that for absolutely nothing? Just because you said you'd write about it??"

Obviously NOT as famous as PDub if the idea of free stuff is blowing their minds...just sayin'...

I told him yes. I only have to write what I think of the pretty pink Bible and I get to keep it. (Lovin' it so far, by the way...more on that later.) For nothing. A $24.99 value. I mean, it's not a new car, but still, I think it's pretty cool.

That's when the light bulb appeared over Quatro's head!

"HEY! Tomorrow after I finish school, could I start a blog?? I would soooo BLOG about LEGOS every single day if they'd send them to me for FREE!!"

Good idea, son. Blog about bananas, pineapple jelly and Peter Pan peanut butter while you're at it, too. We could use some free groceries!

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Hezra said...

oh yeah, I'm telling mine to blog about milk, bread, eggs and peanut butter..... and bananas...