Friday, March 5, 2010

Percy Jackson: The Boy, The Book, The Movie

We managed to trudge our way through slushy, melty streets a few weeks ago to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The boys had been looking forward to it for days...maybe even weeks. Possibly months. Yeah, definitely months. Ever since they read the books last summer.

I guess you could say they were somewhat excited. We don't do movie theaters often. Nine dollars a piece when we could watch it On Demand for free? Ok, sure, six months AFTER it's premier, but still. Did I mention we don't typically buy the overpriced junk food either? So an evening out at the movies AND popcorn AND candy AND drinks? The boys thought they were in heaven.

Darling Daughter? Not so much.

We took her with us because her plans for the evening had fallen through. She was thrilled to say the least.

The movie was entertaining. The boys really loved it. And the Hubby and I actually enjoyed it for the most part. Although...I'll never understand the reasoning behind aging the characters of a children's book. Or the need to add foul language. The Percy Jackson in the books was endearing as an awkward twelve year old trying to make sense of the middle school scene. There were no raging hormones. His best buddy Grover (part goat, by the way) was hilarious, always eating soda cans and blurting out "Baaah" at odd moments. The fact that they were just kids...well it made their bravery in the face of danger a little more exciting. Their adventures seems a bit more...adventurous, I guess...because they weren't worldly teenagers.

The Percy in the movie is a nice-looking...and much older...guy. (Darling Daughter says he's a hottie! OK. If you're a teen girl and you like dark haired, charming and courageous, maybe.) In the books, Percy likes the pretty girl but he doesn't steal a kiss until the end of the series! In the movie, they're panting after each other almost from the moment they meet. And Grover? Funny, helpful side-kick Grover?? Well, Grover seemed to be suffering from a slight case of testosterone poisoning. He stayed behind in Hades with Persephone and um...well...he "earned his horns" while he was there. That wasn't supposed to happen until he became a man. You figure it out. Cause my boys certainly did.

Don't get me wrong, we did like the movie. It was fast-paced, exciting and fascinating! The special effects were cool. Pierce Brosnan made an interesting The Greek gods were handsome and fierce with awesome supernatural powers! And Medusa?? Wow...she totally gave me the creeps with her freaky snake hair and evil death-ray eyes! Any kid (over the age of 5?) would like to see this film. I just wish they hadn't made it more mature than it had to be. I'm betting it would have drawn just as big of an audience without the cursing and hormones.

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The Momster said...

The Bug is reading the book - right now as I type... on a Friday night... What is wrong with this picture? She wants to see the movie, but read the book first....

Thanks for the review... I hate when they mess with a perfectly good story line to make it Hollywood worthy!