Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kreatin' a New Kitchen

I know, I didn't spell "creating" correctly in the title.
But if I had then the title wouldn't have been so darn catchy, now would it?
Oh, you didn't think the title was catchy in the first place?
Well, who asked you?!
So, anyway, I was poking around on the laptop looking at pictures this morning when I realized that I've painted every room in this house at least once if not twice in the past two years.
Except for the kitchen.
First of all, that's a lot of paint, isn't it? Or is it? Is it weird to paint so often? I wonder what makes me paint so much? It's not as if the walls get all grungy or anything. I just get tired of looking at them I guess. Need a change. Feel inspired. Or get bored. I have no idea. Maybe I just like to spend money and wear my shoulders out.
But I haven't repainted the kitchen since we remodeled several years ago, and honestly, it's beginning to look a little bit shabby.
Since spring break is next week and the Hubby will be off work with absolutely nothing constructive to do (yeah, right) I think this might be the time to perk up the kitchen.
Now, take a look at what my kitchen currently looks like...except...we have a new fridge, but it's also white. And there aren't any pots on top of the new fridge, just the Nu Wave oven. Also, the ceiling fan is a good bit dustier these days.

I won't be replacing counter tops, but I was thinking about changing the shade over the window to something black & white. The one that you see in the picture matches the seats to my dining room table which sits on the other side of the stove...but you can't see it and I don't have a picture. But if I change the shade, I would cover the chairs to match. And maybe sticking some black stuff around here and there??
Or not.
Give me a thumbs up or tell me something else to do. Or a color to paint. Cause you can see I'm not all about decorating...I'm not that good at it!


Hezra said...

well, I paint a lot too. My mom thinks I am nuts. Truly. BUT I have left my kitchen the way it is for a while and the girls room has been the way it is for even longer 2 whole years! AND the boys room... 3 years! But I was truly just thinking this am, I need to do the laundry room. lol Well ma'am, your kitchen looks fine to me. But with your wall space being smaller and your cabinets being white, you could go with a brightness like red there and it wouldnt be overwhelming. That would also look nice with black/white curtains. My fav color these days is red. any shade. My kitchen is a spicy cinnamony red. I love it. My family room paneling(bottom half of the walls) is a "posh red" from l*wes. But if you hate red-- which by the way won't hurt my feelings. lol, yellows also go nicely with black/white. or aqua(which I am not actually fond of for my house but it looks great in my best friends kitchen.) Good luck with the re doing, and please share pics? My most recent was my hallway. We tore down the wallpaper, textured and painted a color called "toffee crunch" kind of a pale muted golden yellow. Warm but light. but its name makes me hungry... why do they name them after foods? well, that is a whole other post huh? good luck

Tammy said...

I am absolutely NO help in the decorating department. I am proud of the fact I have an "accent wall" in my great room. No skillz here.