Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wish I had a picture...

I figured it was about time that I updated y'all on Seth (our little buddy with Cerebral Palsy who had the SDR surgery in St. Louis.) Seeing as how it's been three months since his surgery, and seeing as how Darling Daughter and I finally got to see him this week, I thought I'd fill you in.

Seth is able to stand on his own for about three minutes now. All by himself. This is a big deal. A BIG deal. If you've never given it a lot of thought, there really is an awful lot that goes into a human being standing on their own two feet. All sorts of signals, muscle contractions, balance things, and I don't know the technical terms, but trust me...for Seth this is wonderful!

Here are some of his other accomplishments since October:

Before surgery, Seth was unable to use his left hand. He held his arm close to his chest and his hand stayed clenched. Yesterday, he used his hand to turn pages in his coloring book and hold it down while he drew all over Barney.

Before surgery, the muscles in his trunk were too weak and his legs too tight for him to sit alone in a regular plastic chair. Yesterday, he sat beside Darling Daughter for over an hour laughing and talking and coloring.

Before surgery, his legs were so tight that they stayed bent and turned in at the knees and it was almost impossible to pull them straight. Yesterday, he sat comfortably just like any other four year old.

Before surgery, Seth had to be carried in a "chair-sit" position because his legs could not relax over your hip to allow him to be carried like other children. Yesterday, Darling Daughter picked him up out of his car seat, plopped him on her hip and he put his arm around her neck like any kid would. Little legs dangling on each side. It was so amazing to see!

Before surgery, Seth was unable to make his legs do what he wanted. Now! Now he can walk on those legs using his walker all the way from the car to his classroom at school! And the therapists say that he won't need the walker for long.

Before surgery, Seth endured painful injections, stretching, therapies, bracing and all kinds of struggles just to try and do the things other kids take for granted. Cerebral Palsy can't be cured...BUT...the surgery in St. Louis has turned out to be exactly the miracle that Seth and his family prayed for! The progress he's made is tremendous! This little boy has been given an opportunity to live his life more fully now. Thank you so much for your prayers! If I'd known we were going to see him on Monday, I'd have taken my camera! I wish I had a picture to show you how awesome he is!

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