Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weightloss, backhanded compliments, & other exciting things!

This is a photo of my hubby and I, taken last summer at the Salty Dog Cafe, on Hilton Head Island, SC. I'm squinting a little because the sun was in my eyes. (Actually, I think I squint pretty much all the time, as evidenced by the lovely parallel lines on my forehead. And no, I don't need glasses. It's just a side-effect of having twelve year old twins!)

Where was I?

Oh. Yeah. The photo. Ugh, the photo. I like to call it, "Hey, you two! Push away from the table, already and just say 'No!' to flab!"

This photo was just one of many "last straws" that made both of us decide to get in better shape! Also involved in the decision to shrink the wasteline? Well, high blood pressure, heart disease that runs on one side of the family, and the fact that I was pushing on towards the plus-size section for the first time in my life.
So, several months later...this is last week:

Twenty pounds lighter. OK, so I'm not done yet. It's a work in progress. I have a ways to go still, but I'm heading in the right direction and so is my handsome hubby! He looks amazing! All handsome and stuff!
Anyway...people have recently asked us things like, "What have y'all been doing?" and "How are you losing weight?" and "Did you join a gym or are you taking Ultraslim or what??"
Seriously? Join a gym? Do I LOOK like someone who's spent a lot of time with a personal trainer? That would be a NO. Anyway, I tried the gym thing last year. Didn't work. I walked about 70 thousand treadmill miles and attended yoga, pilates and other classes designed to get folks in some shape other than round. Yeah. Not one pound came off. Not a single one.
Also...weight loss drugs? They tend to make blood pressure WORSE, not better. Headaches, pounding heartbeats, light-headedness...not for me.
The real secret to getting pounds off? It's simple, really.
I am not even kidding. It's such a revelation, isn't it? I mean...who knew??
The amount of food we were putting away here was completely ridiculous. We ate way too much and most of it wasn't healthy at all. So when my weight hit an all-time high back in October, I just QUIT. I quit buying Little Debbie cakes, bags of chips, Pop Tarts, chocolate chip cookies, and Mayfield Blueberry Creme Pie ice cream. I quit cooking rich, sauce covered, cheese filled, buttery, fattening food. I stopped eating so much. And it worked.
Like, my whole entire BUTT fell right off the top of my legs, but still, it worked. Hopefully the stomach will be the next to go.
And I feel better about myself. Probably I'll feel even better another twenty pounds lighter.
Which brings me to last night. We took dinner out to my grandparents (which we do a few times a week) and my grandma must have cleaned her glasses or something because apparently this was the first time she actually noticed that I look a little smaller. She made a point of telling me how lovely she thought I looked:
"You oughta know this....when middle aged women start losing weight...their faces get all gaunt and their eyes get sunk in and they look sickly! So you might want to eat something in case it gets worse!"
Well, thank you very much and give me back my catfish stew now, lady! See if I make you another red velvet cheesecake in this century!
Ugh. There was a time when insults like that would have caused me to go home and consume a half dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. But...no more!
I'm off to munch on a carrot stick.


Hezra said...

yay for you!! I grew up with a dad who gives those compliments that leave you stinging. So sorry. They do hurt. You look amazing! I am working on this too, but apparently seem to be losing and gaining the same 4 lbs. It is as if my body is begging to keep it. And it is unrelated to food/exercise. I have an immune disorder and my body holds it all as though I intend to starve it (which happened during a severe bout of this illness once) so it makes this roller coaster very long. BUT I have finally(in a year) lost 10 lbs! So, turning the tide has been hard, maybe now it will come of more steadily. ((((happy hugs to you)))!!

Tammy said...

LOL! You look GREAT!!

Chelsea Gour said...

Don't you listen to her! You do look great! And, your face looks great too, not all gaunt or anything. I love the part about your whole entire butt falling off your legs! And, it is true. Eat less junk and you will lose weight!