Sunday, February 7, 2010

Umm...too much TV?

Quatro has come up with a, no...exciting new idea for the Famous Child Building Brick Company. (I'm not typing the name since I don't want to get sued.) Since they already have firemen and police officer sets, he's decided it would be worth their effort to manufacture and market "Meth Lab/Drug Bust" plastic building brick sets. With tiny SWAT team figures and ATF enforcement officers, of course. And tiny packages of contraband, suitcases full of plastic drug money, and trucks that have secret compartments for smuggling.

Wonder if I could pitch that concept to the folks at L_ _ O Land?

And I wonder if my child has watched one too many episodes of Cops??


Hezra said...

ha ha ha ha... I am rolling here. We live such parallel lives with the boys in the 12 zone. My two are ten and 12 but still act like twins.(they get mistaken for twins too-- but not for long, #1 has hit a growth spurt) Anyway, the l--0 stuf. OH MY GOSH!! Their room is covered with that and Tr*nsformers. every where. They make stop motion videos. This involves hrs and hrs where they move each little figure a slight bit, then take countless (thousannds?) of frames of photos, then play it all as a fast slideshow and it makes a l--o movie. I am pretty sure they played out a drug bust. including re playdough on the most graphic scenes. ugh.

a Tonggu Momma said...