Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Question of Eternity

Over on another blog that I read from time to time, there's been an ongoing umm...argument. Or maybe squabble. Or debate. Yeah, probably debate is a better word. Anyway, there's been some controversy for a while now between the blog author and several of her readers. I won't send you over there unless you want to email me privately because I don't want to fuel any fires. The short version is this:

The blog author was a Christian. She says that she's been questioning her religion/beliefs/reasons for beliefs for some time. She's also been questioning the ideas of homeschooling vs. public education...among other things. Lately, she has come to the decision that she's no longer a Christian. Now she's an atheist. Which, she says, is very freeing for her.

It's not my intention to open up the Christian vs. Atheist debate here on my blog, because if you've read here for a while you already know where I stand. You're free to believe whatever you want to believe. You won't change my mind. And unless you specifically ASK me to, I'm not going to make an attempt to change yours. It makes no difference to me if you believe in heaven or hell or enlightenment or reincarnation or nothingness. You can go wherever you want to after you die.

I would certainly like for you to believe what I believe. I'd like to talk to you about salvation and see you accept Jesus so we could both look forward to eternity in heaven. I'd like to because I believe that there are only two choices. Heaven or hell. So...well...you can see why I'd choose for you to go to heaven with me.

However...I'm not going to berate you if you believe differently than I do. You're welcome to read and comment here whoever you are, as long as what you say is fit for children. (Mine do read my blog.)

I'm also not going to argue homeschool vs. public education. Although I feel that having had two children educated in the public school and now educating two at home, I definitely DO have an opinion on that one! At least as it pertains to the schools in my county. And the one currently in my home.

Then why am I bringing up the debate on the other blog? Well, because a while back I asked a question nicely, and I got some thoughtful answers...both in the comments and in email. See, there are some things I have trouble "getting" because I've never NOT been a Christian. And that's where some of you come in. Probably not very many of you, since most of my readers are Christians, I think. Those of you who aren't...well...unless you've ever BEEN a Christian, I don't know if you could really answer my question. But I still want to know what you think. I do not want anger and hatred. Just thoughts. Seriously.

So here it is: I'm wondering, if you were ONCE a Christian, then presumably you DID once believe that you were saved by Jesus Christ and therefore you were going to spend eternity in heaven. (Seeing as how that's the very basis of Christianity and all.) If you are NOT a Christian any more...what happens to you now when you die? Do you still go to heaven? Because a lot of Christians believe "once saved, always saved." Or, do you now have to go to hell since you were a Christian and you've decided to turn your back on God? Or, does nothing happen to you when you die because now you have decided that you don't believe any of that any longer? Or since you were a Christian and you were saved, do you still have to go to heaven? What if you were right the first time...when you were a Christian....and because you were once saved, you're always saved...only now you choose to believe nothing...but you STILL end up in heaven? Will you be angry? Because you'd be stuck up there with all those Christians that you don't really like. (OK, maybe YOU like some Christians, but there are people who don't. No, really. It's true.)

I'm just asking. If you send me hate mail, I will reject it. I want honest, sincere, meaningful responses. Not judging. Tell me your thoughts. From either side. Or both.

Especially if you've been on both sides, though!!

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