Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our little tough guy

Pip competed in his first nationally ranked grappling tournament this weekend in Atlanta, GA.
He's only fought in one tournament before at his own gym, fighting against classmates and this experience was especially nerve-wracking for him.
And his dad.
And his big sister.
And his grandma.
And his MOM!!
Pip didn't sleep AT ALL on Friday night.
I totally mean that.
He actually roamed up and down the hallway, in and out of the kitchen, waking up Darling Daughter numerous times to question why Mom and Dad weren't up yet and was she SURE they'd set the alarm clock and what should he do if they DIDN'T wake up on time?

Until she threatened to beat him up herself if he didn't leave her alone and let her snooze!
We met at the gym at 6:15 Saturday morning and arrived in Atlanta around an hour before the fights began. Pip had spent the entire month of February trying to eat carefully and healthily so that he would weigh over 80 pounds. The kids divisions are broken up into groups by age/weight/experience and he wanted to fight in the 70-79.9 pound class. The 80-89.9 pound kids tend to be a lot taller than he is and that puts them at an even bigger advantage.
He went to weigh-in, stripped off everything but his Under Armor shorts...INCLUDING his glasses...and stepped up onto the scales. We all held our breaths!
79.6 pounds!
Then, out to the mats to stretch, turn in his fight card and wait.

The waiting was the hardest part.
The waiting made me a wreck!
The waiting almost killed me!
It was just about as bad as actually watching my baby step into a ring with a mohawked 11 year old little monster who had just kicked three butts before him.
I seriously considered grabbing my boy up from the mat, sticking him under my arm and running out the door with him.
But that wouldn't have been cool.
Sadly, I was too big of a wimp to get any photos of him fighting.
My hands were shaking too much.
There will be some pics up on the NAGA site next week and I'll grab a couple from there.
I DID, however, manage to videotape every match he fought.
One of these days, when I'm able to watch it, I'll share.
He did a great job!
First match...Pip was awarded the take-down and was able to get in a few good moves before the other boy got his back and choked the snot out of him. That boy ended up winning the entire division and getting the samurai sword.
Second match...he had to fight the SAME kid. This time, Pip held him off for the whole three minutes! The other boy still won by earning more points, but it was much closer and at least it wasn't a tap-out!
Third match...heartbreaking! Pip HAD MORE POINTS! He was in control for most of the match. Sometime during the final 30-45 seconds, his opponent managed to get his hands on the collar of Pip's gi (jacket) and started choking him. Pip will NOT tap out from this kind of choke...especially with less than half a minute to go...even though we have warned him a thousand times that he HAS to tap if he's starting to see stars and little blue birds circling overhead! Anyway, once he began to turn purple, the referee knelt down and asked if he was ok. Pip signaled that he was, but he was also a lovely shade of eggplant! The ref told him either YOU tap, or I'm calling the fight FOR you. So...
He tapped.
So he didn't win the fight.
He didn't win the division.
But he did shake hands and congratulate the other boys.
He hung in there and gave it the best he had.
And we're so proud of him!

So is his sister!

Next tournament, he'll know a little more about what to expect and he'll be a little more prepared. And there won't be 3o million kids there, because we won't pick a national championship and throw him to the wolves!

Maybe next time he'll walk away with GOLD.

Maybe next time he'll SLEEP BEFORE the meet instead of AFTER!

He zonked out before we left the parking lot and slept all the way home.


mendyc said...

Way to go Pip! I'm so proud of you!

Chelsea Gour said...

Great Job Pip! You are very brave to even try such a thing.

Jo said...

YEAH PIP!! Congrats on a gret effort