Friday, February 12, 2010

Narnia in our backyard!

OK, I'll just go ahead and admit it. I'm a born and bred, thin-blooded southerner, and I get all excited about ANY mention of snow. Like I said yesterday, it's rather rare down here. Especially in THIS particular area, for some reason. Normally when the weather man starts babbling about the possibility of snow, I tune him out. What does he know? The snow literally divides and goes right around us on either side.

I am not even making that up, y'all!

So of course my kids went totally and completely BONKERS when it began to fall steadily from the sky about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. They ran straight outside and stood there with their mouths hanging open and their heads tilted back, laughing like hyenas!

Can you even TELL it was snowing? Well, almost...if you squint hard and cross your eyes.

The thing is...this time? This time it kept right on snowing! For real! Big old puffy flakes, too...not just those ones that look like confused raindrops! Aww...and it was so pretty, too!

It snowed so much that we had to drive around picking up people. Like a sweet little friend of the family who works with our Oldest. Her poor car was stuck and she's never driven in this kind of mess before in all her 20 years. See? See her car?? See the parking lot? Lowe's wouldn't even close early! They stink! The corporate office wouldn't allow them to lock up two hours early. Because we really DON'T have the resources here to make the roads safe for driving. No salt, no plows, no chains for the tires. Heaven forbid Lowe's lose one hot red cent! Somebody might want to venture out in the storm to buy a roll of duct tape! Never mind that children could DIE in car accidents when forced to operate vehicles in southern blizzards, Lowe's, we want to be certain you make every single, solitary dime you're mega-home-improvement store is entitled to! I mean, the world would implode if someone went to Wal-Mart for their light bulbs tonight! Right??

That's right, Lowe's, I'm not real thrilled with you right now!

Where was I? Oh! Anyway, it's after 9:00 pm now and it's STILL coming down. The twins are in the yard with Darling Dingbat, rolling down the hill, smashing snowpeople into oblivion, and generally making the dog crazy! They're red and freezing, but I don't think they care. Because all of this loveliness? Will most likely be gone when they wake up in the morning.

It was fun while it lasted, but I wouldn't mind if you yankees kept the snow up that way for the rest of the winter. This was plenty.

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