Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Thinking Some Thoughts Here!

***It occurs to me that teaching Darling Daughter how to pump gas into her truck BEFORE she could drive on her own...yeah...that would have been a brilliant idea!

***I wonder how a seventeen year old gets lost on the way to her job-shadowing the very next town...WITH a GPS in her vehicle?? I suppose that's why the lost one is such good friends with my dingbat daughter.

***Once children are old enough to figure out what "might" be going on behind mom and dad's locked bedroom door...they can't resist the urge to knock and ask random stupid questions. Over and over. And over.

***Is there a website that translates foreign languages for you AND tells you how to pronounce the words? Like, with a button you can push and HEAR the word spoken correctly? Cause if so, I need one.

***The closer my twins get to the big 13, the more selective their hearing becomes.

***Poor Oldest has to file income taxes for the first time in his life. He actually thought the government was going to give him back all the money they took out for Social Security! (You can stop laughing, now!!) He's a little depressed to find out that won't be happening. Just a little. Bless his heart.

***Our church isn't footing the bill for the teenagers' mission trip this year...too many kids going and not enough cash in the coffers, it seems. That means we have SIX days to find THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS...or she can't go. I may be knocking on doors, begging. Or looking for sponsors. Searching the woods for that elusive money tree. Think I should sell donuts? Blood? An organ? Maybe I should auction off a red velvet cheesecake? Open up a paypal account and beg for donations? Help. Ideas. Urgent.

***What brand of toilet paper do you use, by the way?

***Proof that God still answers prayers: Darling Daughter drove by herSELF, in the DARK, with my BABIES, to church and back tonight. And they're still alive! The boys had plenty to report about leaving the bright lights on all the way home and driving down the middle of the road...but whatever, like I said, they're alive!

***She drove to school this morning IN the rain...called to ask me how to turn on the windshield wipers! Ugh.

***I'm going to bed.

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