Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Field Trip!

The twins have worked really hard this school year and are almost finished with their 6th grade science book. Since they've been studying "Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day" for months, and since they've NEVER, ever been before...we decided a trip to the Georgia Aquarium was in order. We just didn't tell the boys. Not until we were about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta.

I woke them up early Monday morning and told them to get ready to go off for the day. I made up a fabulous excuse about having to help my mom with some errands and doctor's appointments, and I brought all of their schoolwork with us so they could do it in the backseat while I drove. They're such sweet boys that they didn't complain at ALL about sitting in the Tahoe doing school for two hours. They sat back there quietly and worked on vocabulary and science and reading.

And then...my mom couldn't stand it anymore! She spilled the beans. That was it for schoolwork! The boys went nuts. They must have asked "How much longer??" thirty three million times.

We stopped and ate a nutritious lunch at Cracker Barrel...pancakes, french toast, bacon, Mountain Dew, biscuits, butter and jelly...and that was just the BOYS! And then we spent hours and hours looking at some of the coolest creatures on the planet! There were four whale sharks, two manta rays, sawfish, sharks, hammerheads, tropical fish, crocodiles, poisonous frogs, electric eels, freaky-looking jelly fish and crabs, lobsters, otters, penguins...can't remember what else.

OH! And we touched some sharks and rays. And starfish. And other weird things with long, wavy, hot pink arms. The rays felt slimy and the sharks felt like plastic or rubber toys. Thankfully, no one lost a finger or an arm.

We have to go back soon because the Beluga whales were not there. They had to be moved while their habitat is remodeled. Apparently remodeling is a stressful for ocean mammals as it is for humans!

If you homeschool and are looking for a science curriculum, I highly recommend the Apologia Science Exploring Creation series by Jeannie K. Fulbright. The books are engaging and full of color pictures and ideas to broaden the lessons. My two boys have developed a love of science this year that I haven't seen in them before. And the stuff that they remembered yesterday!??? Amazing! We'll be using the General Science volume next year. Well, unless we move onto it now. The books arrived a couple of weeks ago and the boys won't leave them alone. They want to start now.

OH...and if you live within driving distance, may I suggest you take your kids to Georgia Aquarium? It's truly worth the time and money!

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