Friday, February 12, 2010

Average snowfall in most areas of South Carolina: LESS than 2.5 inches

Average snowfall in our little city: 0
(Umm...yes, that's a ZERO, people.)

Last significant snowfall on record in our little city: 15 inches on February 10, 1973.
(I was TWO years old.)

So, it's sort of obvious why most folks down here freak completely out at the mere mention of wintry precipitation. We never have any snow, we aren't used to it, and we just don't know what to do with it. The very word "snow" causes most kids to go into a frenzy that makes school impossible. And if a flake actually DOES waft down from the sky? Children are thrown into a deranged excitement that is rivaled only by the Tasmanian Devil.

According to the weather man, we're supposed to be getting two to five inches today. There's like a 100% chance of SOME kind of snowfall and SOME kind of accumulation.

You would think, based on the meager amounts of frosty flakes most South Carolinians have experienced in their lifetimes, that my twins would be having pure FITS at this news.

You'd think they would be running through the house working out all of their snowy superstitions...flushing ice down the toilet, sticking white crayons in the freezer and placing spoons under their pillows.

You'd think that they would be frantically trying to locate the jackets they haven't worn all year. Or attempting to find items that could be used as makeshift hats, gloves, scarves...anything that would keep them warm long enough to throw a few snowballs.

But no.

They're mad. Mad and upset. Never mind that as long as they live in South Carolina, they may never see this much snow again before they're forty.

They might have to miss the PERCY JACKSON movie!!


a Tonggu Momma said...

In their defense, even I want to see the Percy Jackson movie. *grin*

Thanks for the the ideas. We will definitely stay busy.

Kiy said...

We need to apologize for moving to your neck of the woods. You see, we are the kiss of death when it comes to weather. No, really ... just wait, I will exlain:

We moved to Japan, they hadn't seen snow in that area in something like 50 years (seriously) and we had snow on Christmas morning (kinda cool ... it melted by the afternoon). That actually wasn't so bad.

We moved to Albuquerque where it rarely rarely snows, first Christmas there ... blizzard. Freaky.

We moved to Washington State (east side) where it gets COLD but never snows ... snowed both winters we were there, serious snow ... most of the winter. Ouch.

We move to SC were (per The Source) it hasn't snowed since 1973 (I am completely blocking out that you were TWO in '73 - geesh, I'm old) ... and it snows. I bet we have an inch, maybe two, in our backyard.

See, I told you. Kiss of Death. It's a good thing we aren't looking to move again ... word might be getting out by now.

Good luck with the snow and the movie. I too want to see the movie but will wait until it's out on Netflix. We are such homebodies!