Friday, January 8, 2010

You Know She's Made the Right Career Choice...

"Mom! It was SO amazing working in the library today! OMG I LOVED it!"

Darling Daughter hangs out in the prison (oops, I mean HIGH SCHOOL) library during study hall. The inmates have to sign their names in blood and show their ID's upon entering and exiting, so they have several prison matrons (responsible teenagers) guarding the doors and manning the sign-in sheets. You know, in case someone tries to make off with the last copy of Twilight.

Normally, the library wardens get to do their homework or sit and chat. Occasionally, a few unruly students stop in to make some noise, but for the most part it's just quiet.

So what was so cool about today? What could have made my daughter so thrilled?

Well, it was Blood Drive Day!

And what do you get when you put teenagers in a room, poke them with needles, suck out their blood and hand them some orange juice? While their friends watch in anticipation and dread?

Drama, of course! Lots and lots of drama!

Tears. Girls whining and pitching fits because they don't weigh the required minimum of 110 pounds. Big ole boys breaking out in cold sweats. Screams of agony. Panic. And passing out.

And barfing! Lots and lots of barfing.

The barfing was the best part for my daughter. Oh yeah. She actually thought it was all kinds of awesome watching her fellow schoolmates hang their heads over the puke bowls and retch...while needles were dangling from their arms.

She was laughing her head off.

Yeah, because she's all, "I want to be a doctor and work in an emergency room when I grow up so blood and vomit don't bother me a bit! If you're on fire and your brains melt out through your nose, THEN I might react."

And then there's the fact that she's too young to give blood, so she was totally of the hook anyway!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Mrs. R (who lived with us last spring) used to be a shock trauma nurse and now works in an ER. In DC. Lots of blood and guts there, for sure.

Hezra said...

I have decided after my kids are bigger I could totally handle the ER nurse role. lol I am a pro now. NOW just to get through nursing school....