Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who Sang That??

In honor of all the retro stuff going around Facebook over the past couple of weeks...I thought I'd share a few pictures from way back...way back in the 80's when lace and silver lame was an appropriate choice for prom attire. Also...lots and lots of hair spray.

Was the Bon Jovi video too much for you? I thought it might add a little something to your day. No problem whatsoever. My old boyfriend blasted that song from his shiny black Fiero EVERY morning as he turned into the school parking lot. How cool was he? (Not very, actually, be he was really sweet!)

So, how many of these chart topping songs from the 80's do YOU remember?
Can you tell me who sang them? **Bonus points if you know who the Bon Jovi blaring boyfriend was!)

1. Call Me (1980)
2. Bette Davis Eyes (1981)
3. Waiting For A Girl Like You (1982)
4. Every Breath You Take (1983)
5. When Doves Cry (1984)
6. Don't You (Forget About Me) (1985)
7. Amanda (1986)
8. Livin' On a Prayer (1987)
9. The Flame (1988)
10. Listen To Your Heart (1989)

Look! It's me and my BFF's looking AWESOME in our butt-ugly neon shirts, ties and big ole hair! I sooooo wanted that denim jacket. And Laura's hair! And Paige's height! And the pink bandana in Cindy's hair.

What, those songs too easy? Then how about THESE?

1. Misunderstanding (1980)
2. Urgent (1981)
3. Harden My Heart (1982)
4. King of Pain (1983)
5. Talking in Your Sleep (1984)
6. Lovergirl (1985)
7. I Can't Wait (1986)
8. You Keep Me Hangin' On (1987)
9. Father Figure (1988)
10. Armageddon It (1989)

Aww...Junior Prom, 1987. Can you believe I made the poor boy wear a pink bow tie? Can you believe he didn't mind? And can you believe he was TWENTY years OLD when he took me to my prom? What the heck? I wouldn't let my baby girl date a twenty year old for ANYTHING! Are you reading this DD?? Cause it WON'T be happening, girlie. Never mind what Mommy and Daddy did...things are different these days. When you're 40, you can certainly date a 44 year old. OK? Good. Glad we agree.

Senior pictures. So glad I went to a school that DIDN'T require yearbook photos to be taken in ugly black drapes or ruffly shirts and bow ties. We got to pick our pictures. Thank goodness I got to be forever immortalized in a humongous shaker sweater from The Limited and a boring plaid skirt! Sitting on a cube? Wearing my sweetie's class ring that was wrapped with a spool of blue thread and clear nail polish! We don't know what happened to his class ring. If you're out there and you're reading this and he gave it to you 25 years ago when we broke up for a couple of me!

OK, that's all the retro I can stand for now. I'll put up the answers for the songs on Friday.


Jo said...

love the way would i share mine. Man i hate how i looked back then. As for those songs, i am awful and remembering who sang songs but man i can remember the words. lol

Hezra said...

I am rolling here. Thank you for sharing. I too wore the class ring with a spool of blue thread. (and um, he is my hubby now and yes the ring is missing, so put an apb out on ours too eh?) I am not even going to post my retro pics beyond the age of 7. lol They are just too visually painful. Because, well, the 80s were a scary time of fashion and hair anyway but I was NOT cool. lol
I know many of those songs but not daring to figure out who wrote what. See? again I was not cool, I was listening to 50s to 70s music.

Chelsea Gour said...

I'm not even going to attempt the songs. That just makes my brain hurt. And, I probably knew who the ex-boyfriend was, but I only ever remember you dating Hubby! Wow, is all I can say. DD really looks like you and you haven't changed much....except for the lace and lame, of course!! Great post. Maybe I'll do one soon.....when I get a minute!

mendyc said...

2. Kim Carnes
3. foreigner
4. police?
5. prince
7. boston
8. bon jovi
9. cheap trick
10. heart

2. foreigner
9. geaorge michael
10. def leppard

a Tonggu Momma said...

I never thought I would be grateful for the black drape dress, but I am now. Heh. And those songs? I'm too young for those songs. I graduated in the nineties. I'll have to ask the husband (class of 87) for help.