Saturday, January 16, 2010

What I want for my BIRTHDAY!

Finally! Someone has invented a device to make quick work of cracking eggs. No more exerting myself and straining my arm muscles trying to force those tough, hard egg shells to open. No more bits of shell in my food. I just hate biting into those pesky shells in my scrambled eggs, don't you? And egg shells in my chocolate cake? Just NOT cool. Oh, how long I've waited for something like this. Thank goodness I was being lazy, sitting around just watching tv this morning, or I may never have know about the EZ Cracker! How simple and delightful it will make my time in the kitchen. Now, instead of going to all that trouble cracking eggs...I can dig through the kitchen drawers searching for this plastic gadget, load my eggs, one-at-a-time into it and squeeze the handle! Then, take the shell out and load another egg and squeeze. And again, and again, and then I can wash the contraption and hide it away again.

It seems to be totally worth the TWENTY DOLLAR price tag!

And it even comes with a vibrating turkey caster thing that will scramble the egg for me INSIDE the shell! How convenient.

Every home chef needs this. And I want one for my birthday! I NEED one for my birthday. My kitchen just won't be complete without one.

Tell my hubby, please.


Tammy said...

Tell your hubby to read this:


:-) I have never in my life seen this. SO cool.

Hezra said...
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Chelsea Gour said...

Oh, thank Goodness you found this thing! All our lives will be better because of it! LOL!

mendyc said...

I already got you one!