Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Date in History

Dear Son,

Excuse me...son? Hello?? Wooohoooo.....I'm talking to you.
Yeah, you, the one texting on the cell as you back out of the driveway.
Got a minute??

I wanted to tell you "Happy 20th Birthday!"

I'm sorry that you had to get up early this morning for your first day of winter classes. If they let moms call the shots at college I would definitely have scheduled all of your classes during the wee hours of the morning. Between one and four AM. When you're at your best. After you've slept past noon, gotten off of work, had some Waffle House and a nap and played a few rounds of Halo on xBox360 with your friends.

Since you DO have to go to class...and go to work...and study...and see your friends....and I'll probably only get to see you for something like 13.2 seconds of your twentieth birthday...I have taken the time to compile the following useful and interesting facts about your birthday for you and post them here on my blog.

That way, when I pin you down sometime, I can pull this post back up and make you read it.

And then, you can have your birthday present.

Ahem. Today you turn 20 years old.
You've been around for 240 months.
You're 1,044 weeks old.
That's 7,305 days.
Sheesh...that's a long time.

On your birthday, January 11, the following "Very Important Things" happened:

  1. in 1693 Mt. Etna erupted in Sicily.
  2. in 1785 Continental Congress convened in New York City, NY.
  3. in 1813 the first pineapples were planted in Hawaii.
  4. in 1902 Popular Mechanics magazine debuted in newsstands.
  5. in 1922 the first use of insulin for treatment of diabetes was recorded.
  6. in 1964 the US Surgeon General released a report stating that smoking may be hazardous to your health. (That includes SECOND HAND smoke these days, son. Just saying.)
  7. in 1990 of course, you were born.

Twenty years ago this year (or in 1990, that is):

  1. New Kids on the Block were on the charts with their song "Step By Step."
  2. Paula Abdul could be found dancing around on MTV with a cartoon coyote to her song "Opposites Attract."
  3. South Africa freed Nelson Mandela.
  4. East and West Germany were united.
  5. The median household income in the US was about $29,000.
  6. A first class stamp cost .25 cent.
  7. Dances with Wolves won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
  8. Pretty Woman, Home Alone, Ghost, Total Recall and The Hunt for Red October.
  9. Microsoft released Windows 3.0
  10. Milli Vanilli was busted for lip synching.

Shocking how many random, useless facts a mom can find on the internet at midnight, isn't it? Hey, it beats lying around on a labor bed with an epidural in my back, monitor straps wrapped around my belly and nothing but ice chips to munch on...which is....of course...what I was doing this time twenty years ago.

Twenty. Very. Short. Years. Ago.

When I first held you, I had a feeling you were going to be a good man one day.

And you know what? You are. Want to know what I like best about you? You're steadfast and dependable. You're someone that can be counted on. You're there when people need you, always willing to help. You look out for your family and friends. You stay on a pretty even keel. You don't let the little things rock your world. Well...not too much.

I love you! Dad loves you! We're so proud of you. Happy Birthday!

May your next twenty years bring as many blessings to your life as you've brought into mine these last twenty!

Love, Mom.


a Tonggu Momma said...

*grin* Although it makes me a little sad, too, because useless facts like that are all I really can share with my Tongginator about her birthday. I know a bit more - the weather, the moon phase, but that's about it.

Hezra said...

made me cry. Cause my ----first born is only 7 years behind him. Mine is about to turn 13. And we are having talks that I may need therapy to recover from.

The Momster said...

Sigh....where does the time go? I remember hearing about him as just a kid....just an eight year old kid. Hope he had a great day and you guys found some family time to celebrate!