Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shut up and let me eat my cake, already!

Just for future reference...

Newly Minted "Four Year Old Boys" do not particularly care what went on during the year of their birth four years ago.


Nor do they care what fascinating events took place during the year of their cousin's birth twenty years ago.
Nope, especially not when there's a colorful birthday cake on the table in front of them.

And they certainly aren't concerned with the state of the union eighty-eight years ago when their great-grandaddy's were born.
I mean, for heaven's sake, people keep talking and remembering and yakking and laughing and singing and would somebody just blow ALL those darn candles out already and let the little boy eat his birthday cake??

He's been so patient!
Happy Birthday Grandaddy! (88)
Happy Birthday Oldest! (20)
And Happy Birthday Mini Monkey...Brand New Four Year Old!
*** I baked the cake on the left. My mom did the one in the middle and my sister is responsible for the blue one. I don't know why my mom didn't cross the T in "Birthday" or why Thomas the Train has a big yellow "One" on it, I took the easy way out. No spelling, no decorating. Crush up some Reese's and chunk them on top!***


a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy birthday to half the men in your life! And your cake totally eliminates the possibility of this photo ending up at Cake Wrecks... that is one yummy looking cake.

mendyc said...

Thomas has a 1 on him, DUH!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to all the boyz!

The Source said...

Thanks TM and Tammy!

Mendy...ok so I don't know my Tank Engines. But Dylan was turning 4 so it makes sense that the cake would have a 4 on it somewhere....right?? After all, Todd's had a "20" and Grandaddy's had uh, "Happy Binlhdas" whatever that means!