Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rotten Picture of the Day

I'm usually right there in the midst of things, aiming my camera and blinding the children with the flash whenever some momentous occasion arises. I may not be the best photographer, but I have faithfully documented every milestone in their lives.

First smiles, first birthdays, first days of school, first proms...

First time driving to school all alone!!

Darling Daughter got her driver's license yesterday. This morning she drove to school...all by her little self...all alone in her daddy's big old truck...just her tiny baby self...out in the cold, cruel world...my only baby girl...guiding a large chunk of metal and gasoline...trying to avoid danger and doom!

Luckily, she survived. I know because I made her call me the minute she arrived in the school parking lot. And also because her brother went by the school to check on her after she got there. I don't know where he gets his overprotectiveness from.

So anyway, I tried to capture the moment when her big brother went out with her to defrost the windshield and help her crank up the truck and heat it up and everything. Only, my camera battery was dead. So I went out in the freezing cold at seven this morning, stood in the driveway in my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers and aimed my cell phone at them! It's a little dark.

But I think it captures the big day quite nicely.

I should have pointed the camera at ME...snuggling back under the covers all nice and warm after I DIDN'T have to take anyone to school!

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Hezra said...

oh wOW!! you know, him checking on her at school made me cry. And you getting back in bed... happy tears that one day I may not have to play chaufer.