Monday, January 4, 2010

How much do you think I could get?

Shortly after moving into our house eleven years ago, we began to have the feeling that we were being WATCHED.

Like, watched by weird, freakish eyeballs.

Watched by weird, freakish eyeballs that seem to be burned into our bedroom door.


Here, if you don't believe me, take a look at Exhibit A: Our Bedroom Door.

I don't know what YOU see when you look at that door, but I'll tell you what I see.
Weird freakish eyeballs staring back at me.
My kids have noticed it, too. In fact that's one reason the door is still there. It's been a fabulous deterrent to children knocking on Mom and Dad's door at all hours of the night. NO one wants to knock on that door in the dark. It might eat you!
I'm just kidding.
I think.
Anyway, now that the kids are too big to be scared by the odd patterns on our bedroom door, and now that the door is almost forty years old and way past retro-cool and just plain ugly, tired, out-dated and's time to take it down don't you think?
So I was wondering. How much do y'all think I could get off of eBay??
Because, there are totally like all kinds of amazing phenomenon (phenomenons? phenomena?) going on there on that door.
For instance, there's the "Ugly Pig Face With Horns" at the top.

And then there's the "Ghost/Scream-Head with Odd-Shaped umm...Female Anatomies." (I don't want to say "boobies" on my blog because it might bring all sorts of creepy folks here when they do a google search. Hey, you just never know.)

And moving further down, we have the "Humongous Sad Face" right smack in the middle, but onyl if you use the female anatomies as eyeballs.

And then, towards the bottom is "Hat and Mustache Guy."

Or, you could actually put it all together and use it as some kind of totem pole, I suppose.

I figure that if people can get rich from their Madonna potato chips and their Clint Eastwood Cheese Sandwiches, I should be able to rack up on my door.

What do y'all think the reserve amount should be??


Hezra said...

hmm, odd , but I saw a bunny face in the center. lol I would draw you a picture but I just dont have the time to figure out how to post that. lol um, yes you COULD ebay it. Some eccentric artsy person *May* want it. or you could just paint it a fabulous color. and save the time of taking it off and trying to ship the darn

Hezra said...

and by the way, if primer and paint didnt cover the creepy stuff... I would take it down and burn it then sprinkle with holy water.... lol