Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma

Grandma turned 82 last week. I think it was 82, anyway, it could have been 81 or 83. I'm not entirely sure. There was a 21 on her cake. She may have been born in 1921? Or no, 1928? I can't remember and neither can she. Or so she says. I'm as confused as she is these days, I'll tell you.
My aunt had a little last-minute cake and ice cream at her house and I was able to snap a couple of pictures of her with a few of the great-grandkids. These are the three oldest girls and three oldest boys. We were missing the three youngest girls and three youngest boys. I think my aunt forgot to invite everybody. She does that sometimes. She "forgets" and then she tells everybody that they didn't want to come. Do you have family like that? Please say you do.

So...there are several things to note about this photo. The two cute girls on the left belong to my cousin. The one sitting down is fourteen years old. I made her sit down because I'm pretty sure she's actually taller than my twenty year old now. Yeah. Like five nine or ten. She's going to be close to six feet by the time she's done growing. But that's terrific since she's a competitive swimmer...and a very good one, too. I think tall is good for swimmers...right? Michael Phelps is tall isn't he? Anyway, Darling Daughter tried talking her into sharing a few inches with her vertically challenged five two she could use it. Unfortunately, there was no way to make that possible.

That's her little sister standing beside her. She's nine. Notice that SHE is about the same height as my Pip Squeak who will be thirteen this summer? Umm...there's a reason he's known as the Pip Squeak. And it's not because his nine year old cousin is tall for her age...she's not. He's just short. Wonder if it would help if I stuck his feet in Miracle Grow at night?

May I point out that it isn't fair that my cousin got one out of two tall kids...and I only got one out of four? Also, it isn't fair that his little one? She doesn't appear to need braces at all. While I got stuck with four kids who ALL needed orthodontia...and Darling Daughter had TWO sets of braces for SIX years. Not fair.

Also...not sure what's up with Grandma's funky 1930's glasses there. Just saying.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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mendyc said...

LOL! I was wondering about the glasses too! Time for an update I think. Maybe for her next birthday? Too bad I was one of the "forgotten" ones. :(