Thursday, December 31, 2009

The "Year in Review" post.

With 2009 coming to a close, I thought I would "reflect." Because, you know, I like to do that occasionally. Get all reflective and stuff.

It helps me see all the good and wonderful things that have taken place over the past 365 days. All the prayers that have been answered. All the changes that have occurred. All the ways our children have (sniff, sniff) grown up and changed.

So, let's get reflective and have a look at 2009, shall we?

Answered Prayers:

1. The Oldest decided on a major that he can live with. He seems much happier with his choice now and is moving ahead with confidence.

2. Little Landen made it through his tummy surgery with flying colors. Landen is literally a living, breathing miracle. He wasn't supposed to make it off the operating table. He is now an eating, drinking, walking, babbling, smiling, climbing, fit-pitching, full-blown healthy one-year-old and as cute as ever! His mom doesn't bring his to Jiu Jitsu any more because well...Landen's just not content to sit quietly in her lap and chew his toes these days. And that's as it should be!

3. Landen's brother Seth flew to St. Louis for his spinal surgery in October. He's working on building up strength, but the spasticity in his legs is all but gone. He can walk around in his walker now and is even able to stand for a little bit all by himself! Terrific news!

4. I had my surgery, got my innards removed, and feel just great! Thank heaven for modern medicine, good doctors and the daVinci robot! Oh, and replacement hormones!

5. My cousin's wife, Jill, recovered nicely from her horrible bought with Swine Flu and resulting ICU stay with staph and pneumonia. She's doing much better and is expecting a healthy baby boy some time in February.

6. Dana delivered a lovely baby girl (a few weeks early,but healthy.) Little miss Cailynn is growing fast and just had her first Christmas. She has a lovely head full of hair, too! Her mama, though, is...

Still in Need of Prayer:

1. Dana is undergoing treatment for the cervical cancer that was found while she was still pregnant with Cailynn. Please continue to remember her and her family in your prayers.

2. My grandaddy, who is displaying more symptoms of Alzheimer's these last few months. His health is heading downhill.

Accomplished Goals:

1. Upon entering 2009 we were still the unhappy and disgruntled owners of a 2006 GMC Envoy that had given us nothing but trouble from the day we drove it off the lot. I swear it seemed as though we couldn't get rid of that thing. We did everything but put firecrackers in the gas tank! Including parking it under large dead trees during tornadoes! And taking a loss on it in the long run. I'm thrilled to report that we FINALLY got rid of the big gray lemon during '09 and are proud to be driving a fully-functioning Chevy Tahoe.

2. The Oldest did indeed find and keep a good job. Can I get a "Hallelujah" and an "Amen!" He's half way through his sophomore year of college, too.

3. The Pip Squeak has improved greatly in math this year. He's working on his own every day and rarely calls me for help. He's making A's most of the time! I'm proud of his hard work.

4. Lucy has calmed down a tiny, itty bitty bit. She will fall asleep in our laps now instead of gnawing on our legs. If only she would stop whining at the table every time we sit down for a meal.

In Progress:

1. We did take the twins out of public school. We have been homeschooling since August and have successfully completed the first semester of 6th grade! We love it so much that we're already planning for 7th. I don't foresee them going back to public school any time soon.

2. Ok so I still haven't really figured out any brilliant career path or anything. I mean, I do teach a couple of 6th graders, but as far as finding anything I'm dying to do with the rest of my life, hasn't happened. Maybe it will in 2010.

Ain't Happened Yet:

1. Well, Darling Daughter doesn't have her license yet as of this post. However, she should very shortly, assuming she passes her first attempt at the driving test next month. Ugh! I'm so not ready for this.

2. I haven't managed to devise a method for forcing my Oldest to date only young ladies his father and I have chosen for their manners and ambition. He still thinks he should be able to pick girlfriends based on his own criteria. Whatever. I'm working on a brain-washing solution to mix with the sweet tea.

And Probably Never Will:

1. OK, I asked for a purple toilet for my birthday. Didn't get one. Will ask again this year. But I won't hold my breath. I realize they're somewhat difficult to come by, but it isn't like we're planning a trip out of the country this year, so the Hubby could certainly put some $$ towards making his wife happy. Right?? I think a purple potty would make a very interesting conversation piece...don't you? Whatever...I know we won't be talking to our guests while they're IN the bathroom, but they'll be pretty surprised when they come out, won't they??

2. Last year I mentioned (probably several times) that my grandparents don't need to be living on their own any more! It's no longer safe. Since Grandma's big fall last winter, there have been so many issues I don't care to count them. They won't have any assistance in their home and they don't want to go to any type of assisted-living arrangement, either. They want to stay where they are until they fall over in the floor and can't help each other back up. And then I guess they'll lay there and starve. I've fussed and argued and coerced and begged. I have only my sister on my side. I've pretty much given up on it. I'll just continue to go out there every few days with food and take them to their doctor's appointments and when I drive up and see buzzards circling the house, I'll call the funeral home.

All in all, 2009 was a good year. Praying that 2010 will be even better...and go by a little slower!
Because THIS will be the year my oldest baby turns twenty...and my BABIES will become teenagers.

Deep Breath.

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