Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Very Important Poll

My dear blog readers,

Look over there ------->

I need your opinion on something. I want you to click on one of those answers. And be honest. Because I want to know what you think. Not that it will be of consequence one way or the other because we all know you can't really force a college-aged kid to do what you want, but anyway...

What is an acceptable age difference between a young man and the young woman he's currently seeing? (Who is not his "girlfriend" by the way because first of all she's not even a girl anymore and secondly they aren't "dating" or so he says.)

Now think carefully here.

Take into account how old you and your spouse are.

Or the age difference in your parents or in-laws.

Does age-difference matter much if both parties are technically aged 20 and over?

Does it matter if the fellow in question is not actually going to BE twenty until next month and therefore he's not a man yet, but still his mama's little baby boy?

Does it matter that his mama may not let him become twenty in the first place?

Would it matter if the girl was younger and the boy was older?

What's too much of a difference? Two years? Five years? Ten?

And finally...what if you like the young lady so far? But still...SHE'S TWENTY-FIVE! YEARS OLD!! That's half-way to thirty, for crying out loud. And thirty is closer to forty than nineteen. Do the math!

So do a mom a favor and go vote on my poll, would ya?

P.S. If this were Darling Daughter trying to date a 21 year old dude her daddy would have died three times already. And probably killed somebody and then had their carcass thrown in jail.

Go vote.

Unless you're my mom or my sister or the Hubby. Because I already know what you think.


Brianna said...

I happen to think that, in this case you presented, it is not so terrible of a senerio. 5 years is close to the limit. I think 6 or 7 should really be the limit if you are over 18 but less than 30. Once you are 30, it would be okay if the guy or girl was as much as ten years older than you or something to that effect. I don't really know. All I know is that it's not so much about AGE, persay, but more about maturity. And the way maturity fluxuates cannot properly be determined by the number of years a person has been alive.
I say, if you know her, and you like her, and your mother instincts aren't screaming no (because usually you should trust those - to an extent), then it's okay. He's a big boy and it'll be fine.

That is what I think. :)

Hezra said...

hmmm, wow. This is a tough choice. But yeah, I think he IS almost 20. An older "girl" is probably a good thing as far as maturity and better choices and all. My parents had a huge age difference(dad was 11 yrs older). Even though I have always thought it was odd and uncomfortable... they have been married for 35 yrs now. I am not saying it is an easy choice. But I am sorry to say mama bear, the cub is legally a grown up. You just hope that all you taught sunk in. lol Good luck. And yes double standards with girls STINKS! I think if she were 20 and dating a 25 yr old guy it should be fine too. But not many would agree. I will be praying for you!