Saturday, December 19, 2009

T'was the Saturday Before Christmas

My sister is whining because I haven't posted in a few days, and she's bored.

Like I haven't had anything else to do around here this week...what with Santa Claus coming in five more days, presents to be bought, cookies to be made, new recipes to try, Christmas parties to attend, Darling Daughter out of school and into driver's ed, the twins taking semester tests.

Yes, that's right, I'm making the boys take "exams" to see what they remember from the first 18 weeks of school. Just because I can. And also because I like seeing them run around with looks of panic on their faces! It's priceless.

So anyway, what should I write about today? Let me think of what's new around here that I need to share...(how's that for a sentence??)

I entertained my sister's littlest boy (Mini Monkey) on Thursday. We had a blast, but whew...that child wore me out. Obviously, God had His reasons for giving me all four of my children BEFORE I entered my thirties.

That reason is because I'm too old and decrepit to keep up with little ones now.

He was only here for four hours...and I needed a good long nap!

We unwrapped a bag full of Hershey's kisses, made three dozen cookies, squished the kisses on tops of the cookies, played with play-doh, cars and crayons, threw tennis balls for Lucy the Demon Dog, read a story and then went for a walk in the woods. On our walk we searched for lions. (Because they leave lion poop, you know. You want to be extra careful when walking in the woods in South Carolina just in case you find lion never know when a lion will jump out from behind a pine tree and gobble you up!) We filled our pockets full of acorns and baby pinecones, we stomped on mushrooms, we looked for a tiny Christmas tree, we found some deer tracks, huge leaves, slugs and moss. Then we came back to the house and drew faces on all of our acorns. We made a whole acorn family!

We had fun!

No one who actually lives here ever wants to play with play-doh any more.

Yesterday I made the twins take a dreaded SCIENCE EXAM! Oh yes, I did. They studied all week to prepare for it. Then they sat at the kitchen table and moaned, groaned, whined, complained and griped over every single question. It was FUN!

They'll be finishing it up at some point today.

It was eight pages long.

I just enjoy torturing them!

Not really...they do know all of the information on the test, but the fact that I called it an "exam" blew their minds. I just wanted to give them that experience. We should all be freaked out over a major test at least once in our lives...right? I figure they won't get this anxious again until either their driving test or their SAT's.

My husband is currently in the kitchen pitching all sorts of fits because the desk top computer (the kids' computer) is malfunctioning. It's all locked up and whenever he tries to fix it, it just goes berserk. Which means that he has to get on the phone and speak to a customer service support person.

Which he REALLY doesn't like doing.

Because first of all, you never get an actual human right off the bat.

And when you do, they usually aren't much help.

Or they live 30,000 miles away and don't speak any Earth-Human-Language.

Or so he says.

Needless to say, he's in a lovely Christmas-Spirit-Filled mood this morning!

I'm off to find a hammer to smack him with.

And then to the Sunday School Christmas Party this evening, where my husband can repent for shouting foul language at a piece of metal and plastic.

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Kiy said...

I'm sorry, you had me at your sister is bored. I have a few gazillion boxes that need to be seen to. Send her on over! ;)

Seriously though, tomorrow my folks arrive for a week of Christmas craziness and then we leave for VA for another week of Christmas craziness (is it January yet??). I just wanted to shout out to you and yours that I hope it's all merry and bright and happy.

P.S. Good luck on the driver's training, exams and with the folks at the help desk. Sounds like an interesting week you have planned too!