Saturday, December 5, 2009

This kid is speshull!

My sister has three boys.
All three of them have gorgeous brown eyes.
All three of them like to climb the walls and leap from things and are generally ALL BOY.
All three of them are rotten little monkeys.
There's the oldest one, who's eleven years old...I think I'll call him Melodramatic Monkey.
(His mother will know why.)
Then there's the six year old. I've mentioned him before. His name is Monkey in the Middle.
The tiniest one, who's sweet little face you see below, shall be known as Mini Monkey.

I'm petitioning my sister to let me have the Mini Monkey.
She always tells me, "You can have him! Come and get him!"
But she never really means it! I know she'd let me drive all the way over there, and have him for a few hours, and then she would make me bring him back!
It's very unfair.

Because I don't have any snuggly three-year old-people of my own any more.
And because he's potty trained now.
And because I don't have any brown-eyed children.
Nope, not a one.
(Two blue and two green, but no brown.)
And well...because he has the cutest little voice and he messes up his R's sort of like Elmer Fudd, and it's too sweet.
His weal name is Dywan and his bwothew is Wogan.
And he weally wikes my dog, Wucy.
He also wikes my chocwit cupcakes!

He bwings wittle flowers from the yard!

He makes an adorable decorative accessory to set beside the fireplace.

Darling Daughter never had a sister, and clearly Mini Monkey doesn't mind being used as a guinea pig for fledgling hairdressers.

He's also open to new and exciting fashion experments.
Such as the cutting-edge lime green feather boa...

And the furry red cat's tail...not pinned to the jeans, but stuffed down into the butt crack.
Soft and comfy!

He's very handy and helpful when putting together Christmas trees!
Or when swinging branches like light-sabers!

He makes a handy place to hang Christmas lights.

And finally, I think my sister should give me the Mini Monkey because...
NOBODY in my HOUSE does THIS anymore!

Wrap him up and put him under my tree, please!

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mendyc said...

Awww that's my sweet little baby! Sorry, you can borrow him but you can't keep him! You can have Melodramatic Monkey! lol