Tuesday, December 8, 2009

THIS is my BEST Christmas post EVER....

So, tell me...
Do you have a Santa Skeptic in your house?
Have your children decided that mom and dad are full of it, and Santa's probably not real?
Has some rotten kid at school spilled the Santa beans?
Want to blow their minds and scam the little suckers for another year or two?

Go to Capture the Magic and chose a scenario from YOUR home...then photograph it and upload to their site. In no time, they'll send you a picture of Santa "busted", caught in the act of placing your child's presents under YOUR tree or talking to the family dog.
The pictures come in a file over the internet.
You can print them at home or send them to Walgreens and have them done.
Here's Santa getting ready to unpack some loot and place it under OUR tree last year.

Another amazing site is ummm...well I think it's called I Believe. Anyway, check it out. You can order a kit with stencils to make Santa's bootprints (although, personally I have found that Dad's workboots and some crushed ice are more than adequate.) You can have Santa place a magical phone call to your child (Again, if you're into saving a buck or two, you can always have Grandpa call the kid and "Ho Ho Ho" at him...with the added advantage that you can tell Gramps to warn Junior he'd better stop hitting his sister and clean his room or else he won't find an iPod touch in his stocking this year!) Also, you can order a Thank You note from Santa to leave for your little one to find Christmas morning. (Mine have been amazed in years past at how closely Santa's handwriting resembles Mom's. Until I started writing left-handed. And then they wondered if Santa'd been nipping at the spiked eggnog.) Moving right along...

This is our tree THIS year. Taller. A little whop-sided. Beautiful. No presents yet. With a red-neck-rigged star on top. Well, the star we've had for the past 19 years or so finally bit the dust and so we had to go pick out a new one at Wal-Mart. Only the new one's plastic cone-shaped thing that holds it on the tree was not large enough to fit down over the humongous over-sized branch on top of the tree. So the Hubby tie-wrapped it in place. Yep. Lovely. And NO I'm not taking photos of it. And I'm not letting anyone but family close enough to SEE it either!

Did you know you can track Santa's journey on Christmas Eve by clicking on NORAD tracks Santa? I find it's especially useful to pull up this site at about 11:30 on December 24th when the children are bouncing off the walls with anticipation of the Big Red Guy's visit and they won't "GO TO BED ALREADY!" All I have to do is show them the evidence that Santa's hovering over our fair city and they high-tail it to their beds and don't open their eyes again till, oh, 4 AM at least.

See this attractive silver bell ornament? It's one of my faves. My sister made it for me with her own two hands. Isn't she sweet? If you're in need of a quick and easy gift idea, but don't have a lot to spend, I highly recommend you make some of these. They're quite economical. All you need is some silver spray paint and a box of tampons! You can also make angels out of them. Dampen the cottony part with just a bit of water so it fans out some. Flick some glitter on it. Add some wings and a doll head from the craft store. Tie a bow around its neck. And there's ALREADY a hangy tie string attached!! You're welcome for the wonderful idea!

I'm not sure where this came from. Or who put it on my tree. I suspect it was my older twin. He's sneaky like that. This weird Spongebob thing sort of creeps me out. Actually, Spongebob just creeps me out. I hate the way he laughs.

My grandma made this. She embroidered and crocheted. Or maybe she knitted. She made us all afghans, what is that knitting or crocheting? She made me some of these for Christmas after I got married. She also made blankets for all of my babies. I think of her when I put these ornaments on my tree, and I think of her silver aluminum tree with the rotating colored wheel. And how she loved to shop on QVC for stuff in her last few years. I don't know why I think of that, but I do.

The Force is with me....always! If anyone in my FAMILY is reading (hellooooo I know you are) and wants to know what to get me for Christmas...I want Yoda Christmas lights from Target, and hurry up because there aren't many left!! Only don't get them for the gift-swap thing at mama's because I might not end up with them and then I'd have to hurt someone on Christmas Eve and that would just be a shame!

So let's review, shall we...a string of YODA lights, Christmas aisle at Target, very back row, NOT for gift-exchange but just for ME!

Look! Demon Dog is behaving! When she's not drinking the water out of the tree stand. Or licking the ornaments. Or trying to chew her stocking down. She's kind of cute when she's good.
Did I mention I bought her a new dress for Christmas? It says "Bah Humbug" on the back.

I'm not a licensed decorator (obviously!!) but I do know this: Every home needs a purple Christmas tree. Because purple is my favorite color and it makes me happy. Yes, it's on a hope chest in my foyer. So what? I'm sitting here, looking at this picture and trying to figure out why there's a star in the bottom right corner of that frame on the right. Cause it's not there in real life. Seriously. It's freaking me out more than the Spongebob ornament.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, I love that site, if only because I will be my sister's new best friend! She has a Santa skeptic and it's important to her that he still believe.

Chelsea Gour said...

Okay, that tampon thing is way over the top! I 'most peed my pants laughing at that crafty idea! I think I'll make a few for my sisters. NOT! But, still laughing.

Anonymous said...

Everybody should have at least one tampon hanging on their tree!

Hezra said...

ooooh the scary star. It is like those GHOST pics on TV!!! lol is it your REAL trees start reflecting maybe???

Hezra said...

and yes, tampons are a GREAT ornament idea. lololol seriously. I may have to make my sister a box. lololololol I havent got her Christmas present yet.