Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Red Velvet What?

It smells like heaven in here this afternoon!

I'm attempting to put together something remotely resembling a Cheesecake Factory "Stefanie's Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake." If you're unfamiliar with that delectable dessert...well...here...feast your eyes upon this:

Now. Don't go expecting MY version to half as beautiful, because it won't. It might taste somewhat decent, though, which is basically what I'm aiming for.
I figure since it has the "Stefanie" part in the name and MY name is "Stephanie" which sounds the same but is spelled slightly different that sort of like fate telling me I can do this.
Well, maybe so and maybe no. I'm hoping so.
See, my grandma had a slice of the REAL THING ans she really, really liked it. My aunt brought it to her all the way from The Cheesecake Factory restaurant in North Carolina. Yes, only one slice. Because it's like ten dollars a slice. And my aunt's cheap. (Well, maybe not cheap, but frugal?? Hi Auntie Dear!) Also she wasn't sure if it was going to taste good (HELLO....Cheesecake Factory!???) So she didn't spend the money to buy a whole cheesecake. Just ONE. Measly. Slice.
I'm guessing she bought a whole one on her way back home to NC and kept it for herself.
Anyway, Grandma's been keeping her slice in the fridge and giving out teeny tiny bites to visitors. Yesterday she let Darling Daughter and I have a precious little smidgen. Then she snatched it away and stuck it back into the depths of the abyss that is her refrigerator.
And then...then she told me that she only let me taste it because she wants me to go home and figure out how to make her one. I love you, too, Grandma.
The reason she needs me to make her one is because first of all she would never dream of paying the fifty dollars it would cost to buy one, and secondly no one is heading up that way any time soon and third...she thinks my aunt was allowed to buy that slice straight from the FACTORY because her husband is a Colonel and she has some kind of special top secret cheesecake connections. You know. Area 51 cheesecake-making...at the factory. She doesn't understand the concept of the restaurant being NAMED The Cheesecake Factory.
Well, she's in her eighties, y'all. I'm not gonna try explaining it to her.
So, after getting Grandaddy settled back into his comfy blue-snow-flake housecoat with his remote control and his candy cane (for being a good boy at the doctor's office while Grandma got her shot) Darling Daughter and I headed to the store and bought a few tons of cream cheese, sugar, and such. So now...
My house smells yummy! There's a delicious-looking cheesecake cooling in my oven.
Which reminds me...wonder why the directions say to let it cool in the oven for an hour?? Because they don't day whether to turn the oven OFF or not. Just "open the oven door and let it stand for an hour before removing." Does that mean WITH the oven on?? Wouldn't that just make the oven cycle on for an hour and heat my kitchen up?? I turned it off. Nothing's exploded yet, but I have caught myself telling the dog to get away from the oven cause it's hot. She acts like she understands me. More than Grandma does, anyway.
We'll see what happens.
I'll take photos of the finished product if it looks ANYthing like it's supposed to. And if my oldest child returns home from Myrtle Beach tonight with my camera cord in his suitcase.
It's almost Christmas!!

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