Sunday, December 6, 2009


Remember A Christmas Story?

The movie that's narrated by Ralphie, the boy who wants a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas?

Everyone keeps telling poor Ralphie "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

The neighbor's dogs eat the Christmas turkey.

Ralphie blurts out an expletive, gets his mouth washed out with soap, and receives a really horrible pink bunny suit for Christmas.

Some dumb kid at school freezes his tongue to the flagpole.

And Ralphie's dad wins a Major Award, which turns out to be a hideous lamp shaped like a woman's leg in fishnet hose?

I love that movie!

Because it mirrors Actual Real Life around here at the Source household.

You know, because my twins think that everything on earth should be shot with a BB gun at least once.

And because each of my boys has blurted out some forbidden word at the opportune moment.

And because I myself have gotten some pretty hideous outfits for Christmas...

although, sadly, no pink bunny suits.

And because my husband probably froze his tongue to something on a dare when he was little.

I'm almost sure of it. He's just stubborn like that.

And because this year, our Oldest has won....


Why, yes, that IS caution tape wrapped around his neck.

With a sprinkler head dangling from it.

You might ask, "What award did he win?"

"What momentous event was marked by this dubious honor?"


Our Oldest Child (along with his fellow firefighter/buddy/partner in crime) was bestowed the very first:

"Worst Case of Horseplay in the Station. Ever."

An award created especially for them.


Well, it has to do with air rifles, plastic pellets, fire sprinkler heads, middle-of-the-night mayhem, flooding, drenched mattresses, wet carpet, wet walls, wet people and restitution.

Think you can figure it out?

I never dreamed of such achievement in my young man. When he was just a tiny boy and I thought of all the possibilities the world held for my sweet, precious child, this was not something I ever dared to hope he would accomplish. And yet, here we are, mere weeks before his twentieth birthday and already, A MAJOR AWARD!


I'm SUCH a proud, proud Mommy.

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Hezra said...

I love that movie too! I threaten to make the boys matching pink bunny suits.... won't they all look so cute? UGH! So sorry your boy won THAT award. We all have our moments of bliss and moments of crap. lol May your life be MORE full of bliss than crap.