Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Dingbat Diaries, Mom's Turn!

The Oldest brought a new "friend" over for Thanksgiving dinner last week. (More on that later. I promise.) Only the Hubby had really met her before. Poor thing, she was pretty much just plunked down in the midst of my family full of crazy people on a national holiday. Luckily, she seemed not to mind too much. In fact, she's been back a time or two since.

We have this weird obsessive thing in our family about writing our names on the plastic cups that we drink from at family gatherings. All family members and guests get a cup. Their name gets inscribed with a Sharpie. The cup is then kept in case they ever visit again. We even take the cups to the beach with us every summer. And some of us take great pride in decorating our cups with all sorts of doodled and all. It's odd, I know. In fact, my mom recently threw out about 20 blue cups that she'd had in her pantry so long that we didn't remember some of the people who's names were on them!

Anyway, so back to Oldest's new friend. Well, never having been over to the house before, she didn't have a cup of her own. Of course this had to be remedied before dinner was served.

(Let me mention briefly that my kitchen was packed with noisy people and I just haven't been thinkin' straight since the removal of my female organs and active brain cells back in August.)

I grabbed a cup and a Sharpie and asked her if she spelled her name, Emily, E-M-I-L-Y?

And she said, "No, I spell it with two E's."

What the...??? I looked up at her. Seriously? No way!

"Your name's EE-mily??"

Gahhh...I need to take some of my grandaddy's Alzheimer's meds.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm sorry I laughed at you just now. And you wonder where the kids get it from. Heh.

mendyc said...

I don't get it.