Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Dingbat Diaries, Christmas Edition

Our daughter is forever coining her own brand new words when those that already exist in the English language just don't seem to cut it.

Darling Daughter received lots of new make-up from Santa, including a new kind of mascara that's supposed to be especially for one's specific eye color. She got the sapphire kind for blue eyes. It really does do a great job of bringing out her eyes. She seemed pleased with the color and water-proof factors, but when I asked her if she thought she'd buy it next time she said no.

Because it doesn't "longigate" her eyelashes like she hoped it would. She still has to curl them.

"Longigate." Pronounce that "long" part like in "longitude" in order to achieve the full effect.

I looked it up in the online dictionary. It isn't there. Yet.

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